I Kill For Politicians – Serial Killer Confesses


A notorious thug in Kogi State, Abubakar Abdulkarim, has told the blood-cuddling tale of how politicians engaged him to assassinate their perceived enemies.


He also narrated how he killed his latest victim, one Farouk Lawal, another thug who was allegedly hired by some unnamed politicians to eliminate him. Not only did he succeed in killing Lawal, he cut the deceased’s corpse into three, each of which was buried in three different local government areas in the state.


Abubakar who goes by the nickname, ‘Ijaw Boy’, is also known as ‘Ijogbon’ (which means trouble). He revealed that until he fell into the cold embrace of the law, he had killed so many people and lost count of the number.

For years, the dreaded thug and political assassin had been a thorn in the flesh of the Kogi State Police Command.

He told shocked newsmen that he was a master in the ‘art’ of killing, a skill he happily put at the disposal of influential politicians in Ebiraland, who allegedly hired him to either terrorize their opponents or summarily kill them.

A police source told Sunday Sun that Abubakar was the brain behind most of the political killings in Ebiraland.

The road to the end of Abubakar’s reign of terror, assassination and thuggery began in February this year, when he allegedly killed Lawal and escaped to Port Harcourt, Rivers State to seek refuge.

Incensed by the dastardly act, the police launched a nationwide manhunt for Abubakar. With excellent detective work, the police succeeded in arresting him in Port Harcourt and giving him a hard ride back to Kogi State.

In the course of interrogation, he recounted to the police how he killed Lawal who, he alleged, had been hired to eliminate him by some politicians who were uncomfortable with him being around after he claimed to have become born-again, following a visit to The Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos where he allegedly underwent deliverance therapy.

Addressing newsmen on the breakthrough achieved by the police in the case involving Abubakar, Kogi State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Seidu Madawaki said the suspect led detectives to the forest where he buried the head of Lawal.

Responding to questions when he was paraded before journalists, Abubakar said: “Yes, there is no denying the fact that I was the Commandant-General of all political thugs in Ebiraland. I have been hired severally to wreak havoc on political opponents and in doing this, with members of my gang, I have killed so many people and I found it difficult to stay alone without being haunted by the spirits of the dead. So, I decided to take solace in hard drugs.

“When the then governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris introduced the amnesty programme in 2010-2011, I actively participated and surrendered all my guns because the Commissioner of Police then threatened to declare me wanted if I did not come out of hiding.

“Shortly after I surrendered all my guns and disbanded my gang, I was watching of Prophet T. B. Joshua on television one day when my heart was touched and I decided to change from my bad habits. I then travelled to Lagos and went to The Synagogue Church of All Nations, where I openly confessed my atrocities and the cleric prayed for me and conducted deliverance on me.

“But when I came back home, people were still not convinced about my repentance and confession. They suspected every of my movements and some politicians who were not comfortable with my new faith, sent another thug (Farouk Lawal) to kill me. He was busy trailing me. I thought it was a joke until he came to my house and killed my sister. He later abducted my pregnant wife and was about to kill her when my boys rescued her.

“Therefore, I decided that I had to kill the bastard for me to live my life, because he had vowed to kill me. Killing my enemy first is not a crime.”


Source: The Sun


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