I No Longer Drink –Daddy Showkey

Popular musician, Daddy Showkey, in a new interview with Punch has explained why he wears dreadlocks even though he’s not a reggae artiste.


Excerpts: What is the story behind your dreadlocks yet you are not a reggae artiste?

I have had this dread for over 22 years. I don’t have to be a reggae musician to wear dreads. Reggae is from Jamaica, galala is Nigerian. There are reggae musicians that don’t have dreadlocks.

My own dreadlock is a vow between me and God. I told God that if I, a nobody from Ajegunle, become someone that the world would know, I would not cut my hair again.

It is a vow that I made. Many people do it for fashion but I don’t do it for fashion. God has kept his side of the vow, so it is left for me to keep my part of the vow.

You claim not to take alcohol anymore. Is it true?

I stopped taking alcohol about a year and five months now. I have found out that there is time for everything. There comes a time you have to stay away from some things because at the end of the day, if you have any illness, you would be left alone to deal with it. I don’t drink alcohol and I do not smoke again. I have never smoked Indian hemp in my life.

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