Injustice: Naval Officer Beat Up Man In Front Of Silverbird Galleria Lagos, Damage His Car (See Photos)

A man simply identified as Oluwafemi was beat up and his car damaged by a naval officer in front of Silverbird Galleria Ahmadu Bello,Victoria Island Lagos because they were behind him and he was wasting their time trying to park his car.

Recounting what happened, Oluwafemi said at about 6.10pm on Friday, April 25, he was in front of Silverbird galleria waiting to occupy a parking space pre-occupied by another car that was moving out and two naval officers were behind him in a naval Toyota Hilux.


The two naval officers

The naval officers now managed to move from behind his back and were beside him and they asked what he was doing on that spot. He then explained to them that he was waiting for the car in front of him to move out of the car-park space so that he can park.

This simple explanation angered the naval personnel on the passenger seat and he got down from the Hilux abruptly and tried to pull the man out of the car. After which he slapped him, tore his shirt and then kicked the door of the car with his boots. As if that was not enough, he also broke the window of the car.


The damaged car

The other naval official who was driving the naval car came down and tried to pacify him but he wouldn’t listen. After he was done showing off power, they both got into the Hilux and zoomed off.


The naval Toyota hilux

Oluwafemi then went to report the incident at the nearest police station.

I Hope the Nigerian Navy authorities would look into this sincerely and justly because they need to put their house in order as we were told at the police station where we reported, that a bus conductor was killed by a naval personnel during the week. I hope these perpetrators would be punished for their misconduct and this can save as an example to others if not it will only mean we are no longer safe in our homes anymore,” he said.

Recall that last week, a bus conductor was allegedly killed by a naval officer in Oshodi area of Lagos for refusing to give him bribe.


  • If by chance this type of Naval officer is posted to fight the insurgents in the North,he will definitely sabotage the efforts of others by working in favor of BHs,He is a blood thirsty officer.Go and find out his name you will know he is a member of BH.
    He should be identified,investigated and discplined.

  • If only the victim or any other person around there could note the name(s) of the animal(s), reporting or filing a petition at an place would have been easy. The police can’t lift a finger in this kind of a matter.

  • Didn’t u see their faces? Well let’s see if justice would be done swept under d carpet as usual. Bad govt whr every body wakes up and take laws into his/her hands. One day u go wake up ur goats and chickens go carry stick pursue u

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