Jonathan Daughter’s Wedding: Roads And Market Trouble

Wedding of Jonathan’s daughter is causing troubles in Yenagoa metropolis, Bayelsa State as some roads are being closed and it results in heavy traffic.

The wedding of Elizabeth Faith Osakwe & Godswill Osim Edward will be held on Saturday and the security involving soldiers and police are already present at the location.

Dame Patience Jonathan, wife of the President, has arrived to the state 2 days ago, and Jonathan is expected to arrive today, on Friday.

The ceremony will be attended by top government functionaries, politicians and many other dignitaries, some of them have already arrived.

There is a private residence of Jonathan in the area – along Kpansia, and as some of the roads leading to it were closed down, it caused many motorists to make a detour and choose longer routes than usual.

Correspondents of Punch reveal that gridlocks were caused by closure of some roads and the city motorists groan.

According to reports, Saturday market at Kpansia had already been ordered to be shot down by the state government.Traders that took their goods to the Kpansia market, via Sani Abacha road were forced to take other much longer roads.Some traders already closed down.

One of the traders, who desired to remain anonymous, stated that it was hard to believe that the whole community was put at a standstill because of wedding of one person.

“Closing some strategic roads because of the wedding is ill-advised. They should have devised a much better approach to managing the situation. The situation is not good enough,” trader said.

Source: Punch Nigeria


  1. Let it close. Its normal to see. Even here in the cities roads are most times closed for event. What’s your pain their. Let it close even for a whole week self. Just try to bear it. Village amibos

  2. is it because weddinq they have to block some roads, they are not above the law for God’s sake, dont they think of tomorrow at least one day they leave the post

  3. He is our president, let show him some respect,a little pain for him won’t be too much to bear, ordinary naija pple close rd and mkt for burial, and marriages. Bayelsa pple bear it. He is ur son, be proud.

  4. Is better to close d roads that lead to this beautiful occasion. Anything can happen. My first lady, I hail uoooooo. How I wish I’m in d shoe of faith osakwe and his handsome man. May d blessings be.

  5. Honestly, anything in Nigeria is either be precedent or unprecedent ones, mostly in Nigeria govt, normally as someone as viewed above,there is no way such event wouldn’t cause such tragedic commotion in the community area of the event but, they should’ve arranged for the better alternative for the ease of the masses instead of imposing punishment on them. In contrast, this wouldn’t have happened at some advanced nation. I think convenient of the citizens should be uptimum goal of any government in life. They should remember that any post in life is transient one and will consequently accounted for hereafter one day!

  6. I don’t kno why Nigeria can not bear anyting,ordinary Nigeria block road for an event,talk of d mr president,pls dey shud leave dis man alone 4 God sake.blocking of d road is not everyday just dis weekend,u pple shud sacrifice dis weekend 4 him is ur son,u need to be proud of him for having him.

  7. If Mr president is having a day for a special occasion and market roads are closed,what is the fussed? An ordinary man close road to celebrate his birthday,no one makes noise then why the noise over Mr president.

  8. God dem any body that says that is not bad to close down d market just for a you no how many people went hungry that day.hv u ever gone to bed hungry?will it not be a sight for a nigeriaaan leader to live poor just for nigerians to live rich.


  9. How many common men do their occation & goodluck order the road to be block .is nt everybody that will be attending the wedding so why not allow them go about doing their business,how much will the president or the couples going to pay those that couldnt go to their business because of they the marriage?God is the giver of the best security not man.Bestof luck to the new couple!!

  10. Most u guys complain? Democracy does nt mean U shld b talking any hw. GEJ is a Bayelsan ad he hav evry rite 2 close d road 4 his occassion

  11. Wow, congratulation to GEJ and his family,the people should bear with the number one family. We should all aspire to get there some day and have roads and market closed for us some day.

  12. When Tinubu’s mum was taken for burial. The whole Lagos was agog no movement. Why don’t you people respect President Goodluck. Those insulting him cannot escape the wrath of God

  13. Wonders shall never end so even bayelsa pple are not happy that god used his left hand to pick up gej to throw light in that primitive area.
    And insted of them to see him as their mini-god yet they still have the grounds to tackle him
    what is road block
    that even ordinary allamajiri can block get away with it
    is why your calling gej.
    (u dont know what you got till its gone)

  14. Why do some people like to talk from Anus instead of mouth? Does it mean after that day you can’t trade in the market again? You just want to tell the world how foolish most traders are. That stopping of movement has been done in all part of the country, while is the one of our president is different? Or you want to open another chapter of insolence page for this jobless APC animals to rant nonsense. This is absolute nonsense and sign of disrespect.


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