Malivelihood Denies President Jonathan Ordered the Customized iPhones for Daughter’s Wedding – Photos

Guests at the wedding received customised i-phones with diamonds worth about $3000 which were designed by Actress Tonto Dikeh’s boyfriend, Michael aka Malivelihood. The designer took to his Instagram page to post the photos and left the comment above.

But now, Malivelihood is coming out to deny that the gifts were ordered by the president. That he gave them away as gifts…Hmmmn, what a generous dude…These phones actually are worth about $3000 dollars……..

See his denial via bb conversation:

They are courtesy @fejirooliver86. Meanwhile, Michael has deleted all the pictures of the gifts he posted yesterday on his Instagram page. The the chat reads:

  • Fejiro: Hello MA. There are allegations via the social media that you customized some iphones for the President’s daughter’s wedding. Which I believe as a respected jeweler, and entrepreneur, you will not like your signature to be soiled up by craps. Please we would love you disprove this.

MA: The iphone was a gift from us to the couple. We just thank the President and we hope he receives one of the only 10 iphones we made for his daughter as a gift. [Like I] said in the other email, it was only 10, people got the statement wrong I think. But people saw the gift bag design made for them as well as a gift and they think it was phone inside the bag, so everything was misunderstood. Even the gifts have not got to the couple yet as they were busy. PING!!

  • Feji: Ok, thanks for this great information.
My thoughts on this issue; I didn’t expect Malivelihood to post these information on his Instagram. Whether he made 5 or 10, 0r 20, or 100. And whether the president ordered them or he(Malivelihood) gave them as gifts, he should not have posted on his Instagram because it’s a sensitive issue concerning money being spent by the Fed Govt. What do you expect from the masses, they will bite your head off……And if he indeed wanted to post the photos, then he should have CLEARLY stated that he made ONLY 10, and they were gifts from him. But instead he displayed close to 50 gifts bag and displayed only iPhones even though they were just 11 of them we saw. Why didn’t he display the other gift items? So people would see that they were not all iPhones.
People would naturally think that there were iPhones in all the gift bags……
Photos Below:


  1. Sometimes I cannot but think that some people are so stupid. Is it that this guy is blind to see that he has already displayed 11phones? Why did he say they made just 10? Na wah o. I think I’m more intelligent than some people


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