Man’s Body Found Stuffed In Suitcase


Police in California say the body of a man was found stuffed in a large suitcase in a flood-control channel on Monday.

A maintenance worker in Glendale discovered the body, which appeared to have been dropped off a bridge into the concrete-lined ditch the night before, according to KTLA.

The L.A. Times reports that the victim is an adult male in his 20s, but no identification has been released. Police said that no obvious stab wounds or gun shot wounds were found on the body, and described it as “intact.” But the suspicious discovery has them on alert.

“Obviously, foul play in this case is suspected,” Glendale Police Sergeant Tom Lorenz told KTLA. “A body in a suitcase is not something that’s common.”

The case is being investigated as a homicide. Lorenz told CBS Los Angeles that there’s no threat to the community, and that the killing appears to be an isolated incident.

“This person looks like he was targeted and deliberately murdered,” Lorenz said.

Nevertheless, residents were shaken by the gruesome crime.

“This is shocking. I’ve lived here for 30 years and I’ve never heard of a murder in our neighborhood,” Maritza Vega Gentry said, according to CBS Los Angeles.