Meet The Miracle Baby Born on Mother’s Day With Just Half a HEART


This is tiny ten-day-old Sienna Alfonso, the miracle baby born with just half a heart.

The precious tot has an extremely rare condition which means oxygen cannot be properly pumped around the body.

Her anxious mother Francesca, 18, has been told her Mother’s Day arrival daughter must soon undergo an operation which she may not survive.

The teen had expected her 4lbs 13ozs bundle of joy to be whisked away by doctors once born for the grueling eight hour procedure.

But Sienna must wait until she weighs 6lbs as she is not strong enough while she is so minuscule.

It is a fraught time for teen Francesca and her family as the success rate for the complex operation stand at just 50-50.

The young mother said: “I can’t believe she is finally here and doing so well. She’s amazing.

“I am grateful to everyone whose prayers have got her to where she is now.”

Francesca, from Hunts Cross, Merseyside, was just 20 weeks pregnant when she learned Sienna had a rare heart condition.

Her tiny babe suffers from tricuspid atresia, a form of congenital heart disease where means Sienna lacks a right atrioventricular connection which leads to an undersized or absent right pumping chamber.

Francesca’s mum, Lindsey Bertenshaw said: “Basically the left side of the heart has formed and the right side hasn’t.

“Once Sienna weighs 6lbs, and is stable, she will be transferred to Alder Hey Hospital where the cardio team will assess her and see exactly what the situation is and what they are able to do.”

If they can operate, surgeons may be able to put a shunt in to help pump blood into her heart and around her body.

Despite the precarious odds, hairdresser Francesca and her boyfriend Kyle are determined to remain positive, and she said: “Sienna seems like such a little fighter, she is so strong. And to look at her you wouldn’t even know she was ill.

“But she is already our little miracle. She is here.

“It’s hard seeing all the other young mums taking their new babies home but, God willing, I will be doing that with Sienna soon.”

If she survives, Sienna will need another operation at five months, and also aged four, and then require a heart transplant when she is older.

Consultants did ask her once if she had considered a termination, but it was never a thought on her mind.

Francesca added: “I am just praying now that the operation goes ahead successfully and then I can bring my little girl home.

“That’s where she belongs.”


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