My Sun Is Gone: Jim Iyke Pays Tribute To Late Mom

Jim Iyke lost his mom on the 1st of April, 2014 and he has been silent over her death.
He finally found courage to pay tribute to his mom who he says, no lover, sister or even a daughter he might have in the future can take her place.
His words: –
“She was a force of nature. My big sis, my 1st wife, my confidante, my rock, my critique, my greatest fan and regal leader.
“She was a radiant, gorgeous woman with a smile bigger than the sun and always ready to embrace anyone for all the good and even wrong reasons.

“My sun is gone. The dull numbing ache in my heart will never be pacified by any woman alive. Not my lover, sisters nor even a daughter I may one day bear.

 “The relationship of a mother and an only son is uniquely eternal and spiritual, transcending human comprehension. Mine with Gladys is even far strangely beyond that.
“They say it’s a blessing if a son buries his mother and not the other way around. I’m not sure they’re entirely right.
“They also said one never recovers from the loss of their mother. I hope they are right! May I never recover from the memories of your celestial love, sacrifices, warmth, your contagious laughter and merciless wit.
“Your enthusiasm for life and service of others was infectious. I’ll miss you each and every waking moment of my life. I know you’re in a better place now.
“I’ll carry on everything you stood for ’til my last days.
“You came and saw and conquered.
“Adieu Gladys from your boy Jim.


  1. Jim take heart, I can see, she is so dearly to you, yea! that is how is suppose to be. One thing you should know is that, she will die one day and you are to burie her not the other way round as you stated in your statement above. Be a man you are. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace Amen.

  2. Take hearth Jym ….kera sera!!!wath must be Gonna be….I feel ur pain sorry bro ur totally carried ur a king nd she knws she left a king.God knws evrytin dear kia ijn amen.


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