Naija Baddest Girl Maheeda Is Having Fun In Paris (PHOTOS)

Naija Baddest Girl Maheeda is in Paris right now where she and her friends are having fun.

Controversial singer posted a lot of photos on her Instagram page showing off stunning outfits. Maheeda poses in white dresses and in short jeans shorts. Finally, she looks like mature woman without exposing any naked parts of her body.

According to the photos, Maheeda is having a great time in Paris. She and her friends visit shops and beauty salon.
maheeda_in_paris_01 maheeda_in_paris_02 maheeda_in_paris_03 maheeda_in_paris_04 maheeda_in_paris_06 maheeda_in_paris_08With her red coloured short haircut and neck tattoo Maheeda looks like Rihanna.

maheeda_in_paris_10 maheeda_vs_rihanna
Recently, the singer congratulated her long-time fan with birthday and felt pity that she is away in Paris.


  • Jesus loves you back.You are alive aand He loves you just the way you aare Maheeda. He has already paid in full to justify you – accept Him baack now and He`ll make you perfectand life will taste alot much sweeter.Remember the Jesus` words “ a humble and contrite heart I will not despise“. Jesus loves you!

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