National Conference Delegates Suggest Death Penalty For Corrupt Officials

Some delegates of the ongoing National Conference have advocated death penalty for the public officials found guilty of corruption.

national conference

In his speech Gen. (rtd.) Geoffery Ejiga lamented that Nigeria was deteriorating, urged his colleagues to rise up and change the situation.

Gen. Ejiga reminded that he shared his views during the 2005 National Political Reform Conference, where he suggested capital punishment for corrupt officials. The words of the military men were really unpopular at that time.

In his speech the ex- general mentioned China as the example:

“If they can hang corrupt people in China, then we must hang them here too. I can testify that things are fast deteriorating in this country. 

“We must discuss those issues so that we can pull back our country from the brink of collapse,” he said.

The old general got support from a youth leader, Ben Duntoye. He mentioned that only in Nigeria, while corrupt officials continue to steal with impunity, the society was conferring chieftaincy titles on them.

“A man steals N20bn and he keeps walking the streets freely. Think of what that money would do for our youth if we were to empower some of them.

“Capital punishment is key to fighting corruption in Nigeria. If a man steals N20bn, what else do you need to do? Such people should be hanged! Government must also cut down on wastes and its excesses,” he said.

Former governor of Ebonyi State, Dr Sam Egwu, also blamed the elite for being responsible for the problems confronting the nation.

He wondered why political appointees should earn more than people in the academia, saying the elites always make laws to serve their selfish cravings.

“The problem of Nigeria is mostly caused by the elites who make laws to suit their whims. This is a conspiracy of the elites. We are not yet sincere with ourselves,” he said.

It would be recalled that the National Conference was inaugurated by President Goodluck Jonathan in Abuja on March 17, 2014, Monday, and will last about 3 months.


  1. That is is the best way to stop corruption in this country call nigeria any public official who is found to be guity of it should be sentence to death that will serve as a lesson to others.


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