National Conference: Kuitigi Undermining The Interest Of Christians – CAN

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) described the composition of members of the Conference Committee on Religion as signaling Chairman of the Conference, Justice Idris Legbo Kutigi’s Islamic agenda.

According to the national Christian body, the ratio of the committee members, with 12 Muslims and six Christians is contrary to equal representation of the two bodies.

The association also slammed co-chairman of the national conference, Prof. Bolaji Akinyemi for his alleged failure to protect Christian interest at the ongoing national dialogue.

CAN said the choice Nurudeen Lemu, who is also from Niger State like Kutigi, and Bishop Felix Ajakaiye as chairman and co-chairman of the committee respectively, was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

In a statement signed by the Director of National Issues, CAN, Mr. Sunny Oibe, the christian body said it was not opposed to the choice of Ajakaiye, but wondered why the conference chose a Muslim from the North and Christian from South West, who had little or no knowledge of the Christian persecution in the North.

The association, therefore, demanded equal representation of Muslims and Christians in the conference committee on religion, as well as replacement of Ajakaye as co-chair with a Christian from the North. The body which expressed doubt on the ability of Kutigi to pilot affairs of the conference also demanded the replacement of Dr. Jonathan Obaje, one of the Christians in the committee, saying that his absence would affect Christians’ interest.

“We hereby express our reservations on the composition of members of the National Conference Committee on Religion and without fear or contradiction state that the chairman of the conference, Justice Idris Legbo Kutigi, has done his wish to ensure that the leadership of the committee favours Muslims in Nigeria.

“He is from Niger State and the Committee on Religion should be a sensitive committee. The chairman has decided to scatter the Christians in the confab and now brought Nurudeen Lemu, the son of Sheikh Lemu, who is also from Niger State to chair the committee and did not pick any delegate representing the Christian Association of Nigeria.

“The supposed Christian in the committee, Dr. Jonathan Obaje, representing the Diaspora in the confab has been given express permission by Kutigi to travel back overseas for holiday. He is not even in Nigeria at present and does not represent CAN. The delegate is not around and Christians will be affected during voting. Bishop Felix Ajakaiye who was named co-chairman in the committee is representing Ekiti State and not CAN. In that case, we have already lost and the ratio will now be 12 members for Muslims and six for Christians.

“To us in CAN, Justice Kutigi is working out a script to undermine the interest of the Christians in the confab. Ordinarily, the Christians who have been on the receiving end from the members of the Boko Haram Islamic sect in the North should be a co-chairman in the Committee on Religion,” the statement read.


  1. This CAN and their leadership should be called to order, otherwise they might cause religion crisis in Nigeria through their ways of addressing or viewing issues. They have turn themselves to serious opposition party in addressing issues under this their present leadership of pastor Oritsajofor. Other good christian leaders like pastor Adeboye, pastor Kumuyi etc, should advise him the way he’s reasioning about religious matters in Nigeria. Muslims and christians have been doing things together in this country without secularity. If islam does not exist where he comes from, he should ask or learn from the south-western Nigeria how people of different religious believe relate without any problem. I see him more of political than religion. God bless Nigeria.

  2. CAN u need realitx check. What do u mean by a christian from the south is not representing CAN? I that guy is not representing CAN it means CAN0 is a secret cult meant for few designated Nigerians

  3. If he is not from the north or by not been a member of CAN does that means he is not christian?,he is a christian and representing christians not CAN, please we have enough to deal with in this nation, after all apart from sleeping, playing games with their laptops, charting with one another and receiving millions of naira in the name of allowance what are you people doin (confab)


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