Nyako Unfit To Be Governor, Presidency Says

Nyako Murtala, adamawa Gov.-

The war of words between Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State and the Presidency continued last night on genocide in the North.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe, slammed Nyako for daring to challenge President Goodluck Jonathan and said Nyako did not deserve to be a governor given his utterances in recent times.

In a statement by presidential aide, Okupe, yesterday, he described Nyako’s letter to his fellow northern governors as senseless, unfortunate and a sad betrayal of trust by someone of his status who benefited from the country.

He lampooned the governor, saying he was unfit to occupy the position of a state governor. Okupe added that the governor’s letter was extremely divisive and designed to incite one section of the country against the other.

“The letter written by Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa to his colleague northern governors as published in some major news media is an unmitigated leadership disaster and a sad betrayal of trust by a major beneficiary of the Nigerian nation.

“The content of the governor’s letter unfortunately exposes him as lacking a sense of history as well as incapable of rising above parochial sentiments and possessing a morbid hatred for facts and truth in public discourse. It is extremely divisive and intentionally meant to incite one section of the country against the other.

“Governor Nyako claims that President Goodluck Jonathan is from the Eastern Region which according to him was responsible for the killing of northern political elites on the 15th of January 1966! This is a very disgraceful remark by the governor and a pathetic embarrassment to the Nigerian military from where Nyako derives his career antecedents. It is certainly a reflection of the governor’s ignorance and unpatriotic inclinations.

“Similarly, the Adamawa governor referred to the Boko Haram terrorist group as a ‘phantom organization’ which he believes does not exist! How hypocritical!?

“In his unwise and desperate attempt to demonise the Federal Government, Governor Nyako likened the military operations against insurgents to the activities of German dictator, Adolf Hitler! In his befuddled mind and apparent hallucination, the Federal Government should be held responsible for the activities of insurgents in the North East and the sad killings, wanton destruction, murder and kidnapping of school children as well as other horrendous activities of Boko Haram should be hung on the neck of the Federal Government!

“He therefore invited his colleague northern governors to join him to sue the Federal Government. This definitely defies common sense and portrays Mr. Nyako as unfit for the hallowed position of a state governor,” the presidential aide said.


  1. Very unfortunate that such as Nyako is in position of authourity. This is another Barkin Zuwo , a chore illiterate mind on the saddle. May God see nigeria through in the hands of these sinful and blood thirsty men called leaders. Nyako sorry for you and your household. God is watching you as you intend to cause war in this once great nation.

  2. Gov Nyako is saying d truth. It is bitter. It’s snipers at work. As a war veteran Nyako knows what he is saying. How can so called boko haram operate ,attacked an airport for 4hours with an airforce base and no counter attack. Military/jtf left a check point and 10minutes later so called bh operated for hours without response from d jtf.
    Okupe is only working for his money, so don’t blame him.
    There are more questions begging for answers from fed. govt.
    Nigerians shine your eyes well well ooooo.


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