Pastor, 3 Others Steals Powerful Anambra Oracle

A pastor and three others have been arrested by policemen attached to the Ogidi police station in Anambra in connection with the disappearance of a popular Omaliko deity which went missing during the Easter celebration period.


A member of Abatete community, in Idemili North Local Government Area where the incident took place said the Chief Priest (Eze Muo) of Omaliko broke the news of the disappearance of the deity to the elders, saying some people entered the shrine, took away the head of Omaliko deity, its staff of authority and symbol of authority and that there was a possibility that the culprits stole it with the intention of asking for a ransom before it will be released.

The elders immediately reported the theft to the police who later intercepted the gang of three who were in possession of the deity.

The fourth person said to be a pastor was arrested later, based on the confession of the other three suspects.

According to their confession, they were asked to steal the Omaliko deity by the pastor whose church was not mentioned.

The deity has however been returned by the police to to elders of Abatete community and the suspects will soon be charged to court.