Pastor’s Daughter, Whose Conversion To Islam Sparked Controversy, Set To Wed Lawyer

aishacgarityMiss Charity Uzoechina, the 26-year-old daughter of Pastor Raymond Uzoechina, who changed her name to Aishat, upon her conversion to Islam last year, is set to wed.

Miss Uzoechina, a student of the Federal Polytechnic, Bida, Niger State, made news headlines, when her conversion to Islam on February 13, 2013, angered her Christian family and sparked a religious debate in the country.

Uncertain of her safety, she dropped out from school and approached a Sharia court in Niger State, seeking protection from her parents, who resided in Suleja.

The court asked the Etsu Nupe, Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar, the spiritual and political head of the Bida emirate in North-Central Nigeria, to take her into custody.

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Announcing the news of Aishat’s forthcoming wedding, the Executive Director of Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, whose organization has closely monitored the convert for months, said she would be marrying the lawyer who handled her case following the controversy that greeted her conversion to Islam.

Prof. Akintola, who lectures at the Lagos State University, in a message posted to a discussion forum moderated by MURIC, said that the wedding has been fixed for May 2.

His message reads as follows:

“Salaam All,

Remember Sister Aishat? She is the pastor’s daughter who reverted to Islam last year and the father raised hell in Niger State. MURIC has been monitoring her progress.

She is to wed on Friday, 2nd May, 2014.

Guess who is the proposed husband? Barrister Tijani, the lawyer whom MURIC got to handle her case in court.

Isn’t this worth celebrating?”

However, he did not give details of the arrangement for Miss Uzoechina’s wedding ceremony.


  1. Salam to all and Hajia Aishat in particular. Congrats!!! Wish U a happy married life. Allah has eventualy removed u 4rm darkness 2 light! May ur parents & others see d light f Islam in their lifes. Mubruq

  2. Prof. Ishaq Akintola a transparent answer is required from you.If your daughter now converted to Christainity,how will you handle the situation?

  3. How I wish she understand the eternal consequence of this one decision! It is incubent on her, not on any other individual,those rejoicing and those rebuking.How I wish people will stop making religious matters into a show thing.Shalom

  4. Congrat Aisha. I was a muslim cleric daughter (chief imam) and I met Jesus before I got married. I’m not regreting following Christ and my parent supported my action. Meaning I got their blessing. My candid advice is to ensure you make peace with your parent and get their blessing. Your pastor father has failed to bring you up in the way of the Lord. Religion or no religion what is important is for you to enjoy home. You may be on a mission to learn a lesson as I pray you will not learn in hard way. Do the needful.

  5. She apparently did it to spite her parent probably in a bid to seek vengeance for what she believed they have done to hurt her but the reality is that a marriage that is conducted with neither one’s parent nor family support (especially on the path of the wife) is synonymous to lifetime in slavery.Sister you may marry the barrister if you so desire but for the sake of your future get your parent’s blessing.

  6. Miss charity. I am not expecting a reply to this message, but I’ll let out the truth even if it is bitter. Perharp you’re going to end in entire bitterness if this story is true. Bloggers need stories that will touch and draws the attention of people to follow their blogs. Who is pastor uzonechi or whatever? Forget it. But I know some evil doers are busy trying to cause commotions between the two so called major religion of which they are not, because I don’t see any positivity in their lives.
    Concerning mrs charity, she’s doomed in disguise, how can men of God calling themselves imams and so adhere to the fact that the girl should disobey her parent and leave home due to her unGodly attitude in school leading to her expulsion or failures. A Godly man will never do such. I prefer to stay alone and worhsip him(God) directly and if you want to know, I get answers from him immediately, I guess these religions are useless. If they are not, I believe we have only one God, so who the fuck are they fighting for? God or their pockets? Nigerians, stop making pastors and Imams rich. Listen to Fela you fools.
    Back to the blogger, we know linda Ikeji, we know Funmi Iyanda cole, we know many others who hide. Let’s know you evil perpetrators hiding under the influence of the media.
    Charity Aishat Uzoenyi, if you are first wife, congratulations, but expect the 2nd,3rd or even eviction, because you’re cursed! And you must sob in agony for disgracing your parents. No matter who they are, remember the first commandment if you’ve once been a christian. And after being a mislim, read through the Al’Quran and check quran Chapter 31 verses 14-15. Don’t be nuts.
    How I wish this is real

  7. In a few months, she will be regretting her decision, what with wives number; 2,3, 4 and unlimited concubines yet to come. It is never easy as a Muslim woman. I don’t know what you saw in that religion, but it is your choice. You are lucky that Christianity is a liberal religion, if it was the opposite movement, you could be a corpse right now.

  8. There is freedom to do anything legal as long as anyone desires,good for Aisha,it’s a free world,Christains follows what Jesus Christ did,preached and Gods instructions for His followers to practice,while Muslims follows revelation of Prohet Muhammed (SAW) from Allah (God) by Angel 700 years after existence of Cristanity,while there are several religion being practiced before Christanity,so why the shout in someone converting from one religion to the other?,No one has gotten to heaven and come back after to tell us what it looks likes or which religion is supreme,Aisha,pacify your apparent pls,on solid rock of Ages I hang my faith.

  9. I dont blam u abdul jelee in particula,who is leaving in darkness i u takeing about christainity. let me tell u what u dont in life. that u can not compare that idor wroship of IsIam to christ, what is lsiam, sample mean darkness also boko haram,the almight God we christa save will never forgive islam. even in the bible the is nothing like islam.the cause every proplem in this country. God will not give them the chang in this life. amen.

  10. She has been misled,I was a Muslim,I detest force,everything about Islam is forceful,an eye for an eye,I was made to understand Islam meant peace,this has never manifest in their conduct globally,check the Middle East,spilling of blood always,Boko Haram even if political,dominated by Muslims,no one can Islamize the world or Christainized the world either.Why must you come last as a religion and want to dominate forcefully?.Aisha made her choice,I’m sure she knows what it mean to be married Islamically,Aisha made her choice,she should thank God that Christainity is liberal,if it were to be other way round,she would have been history.She should make peace with her parent or else,she is cursed for life. It is her choice,so rule your world.

  11. That was definitely a demonic attack on the pastor’s home /family.However,Aisha or what’s your new name? You must have heard a about the law of karma. You have sown a seed of contempt and reproach into your family,be sure to harvest sorrow and agony from your children. I wish you all the best as you are being matriculated into the university of ‘The Truth’, by the time you are graduating, you would have experience to share.

  12. That the reason why I always challenge anybody that say we are one,we can’t be one and this issue has proving that,otherwise why should a mature and sensible person be castigated just because she has chosen to revert to Islam,if really we are one this won’t be an issue, the earlier we stop all this hypocrisy the better for us,because deep inside us we don’t trust each.we should understand our differences and respect them,that when we will be able to live peaceful,we shoudnt allow sentiments engulf our sense of reasoning.and for the bride and the bride-groom, I wish you happy marriage life.Let no man nor spirit tear the fabric of this unification.

  13. I once had a row with my parents and said in my heart I’ll never forgive my dad.till date anytime I think of my suffering in his hand it brings deep pain to my heart,to day I have mine and believe u me being a parent is no picknic, I believed that is why God has made parents his mouth piece on earth the bible reinforces that fact,as a fact a child can leverage on parental blessing to archive the impossible if any one doubts this let his ask pastor adeboye,oyedepo,and mumy funke adejumo.i ve made my peace with my dad,as for Aishat(as she would prefare to be called) I have no beef about her conversion to Islam. she is old enough to reap the fruit of her deeds believe me a time will come if not this generation when any one that affiniate with Islam will hang their head in shame because of the paradoxical peacefull nature of the Islamic jihad.Aishat is in for a big surprise of her life here on earth and when Christ comes.she has closed her heaven by dishonorig Gods ambassador on earth.she has pitched her tent with those who hate Jesus children (jews)she has made her bed with those who perverts the bible the pentutah.

  14. Hmmmmmmmmm wat a life…!!! I was once a muslim den wen i converted 2 christianity i knew wat i passed tru nd thank God my parent my brothers nd sisters saw d light in me nd joined me d happiest person on earth is me.
    Bt u 4 aishat check on muslimz life any where in d world if there’s conflict globally they ar d cuz of it aishat u were so dull dat u were droped out of skul i think dat’s y i think u were easily decieved nd i think we all’ve stories 2 tell ur own has jst started we’ll b wiatn 2 hear hw it all end nd remember God has promised every child dat oboyed his or her parent long days re-think u tink u’ve found peace? Oh nn madam barrister u’ve jst joind d league of evil doers u shall have sumtin 2 tell all ur type very soon…!!!

  15. Madam barrister go bck nd make peace wit ur parent most especialy ur mum ur parent were happy wen they gave birth 2 u nd nw dey ar regretn dey cried cuz of ur foolish act nd u tink u’ll ever find peace? I’m nt advicn u 2 go bck 2 christianity cuz i knw dey have given u rubutun allo 2 drink so dat’s all

  16. That is our shear weakness. Fighting over trivial issue. Let every one of us choose and mind his/her religion just like our individual grave which is the ultimate. And when you are eventually there only you can verify quality of your choice religion while on earth. But for now why don’t we unite against crippling the country?

  17. I was once a Christian like u, thank almighty Allah today myself and my family are muslim convert and nobody forced us. Thank Allah for leading u to the right path.

  18. If it’s about marrying another Wive after her then We don’t have issue here because we have some pastors with one wive at home, but have girlfriends in all the major city in nigeria, is her choice let her be.

  19. Is justifyable dat a lady should marry without her parents blessing in the islamic way? So islam encourages ladies to be disobedient to their parents and leave home unceremoniously? Its sad that the muslim clerics are encouraging this lady to do away with her parents. The truth remains dat nemesis will surely catch up with her.


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