Paul Okoye Defends Lola Omotayo Okoye



There is  still the bond. blood !!!!!!


  1. Really, like the saying goes blood is thicker that water, the bond of Family is too strong to be easily broke wonder why Nigerians can’t kill the spirit of tribalism and embrace the uniqueness that our diversity brings and savour different blends it gives to society lots of love for #LolaOmotayo and #Paul Okoy(P square) #Peter Okoye(P square)forever

  2. Well said Paul………..when two or more members of d family fought , outsiders outsiders doesn’t ‘ve d guts to blame anyone……lola dis, lola dat…….dem call una for their matter…….now dey don give u shock. Aproko people…..To the Okoye family jare God ‘ll continue to uphold ur family


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