Photo of the day: Gov Kwankwaso & officials sweep Pres. Jonathan out of Kano


The things we see every day! According to Sahara Reporters, this picture shows Kano State governor, Rabiu Kwankaso and some of his officials sweeping off President Jonathan’s feet from the venue of the PDP rally that held this morning in the state. Apparently Kano is an APC state.


  • This is an act of insanity from a group of losers. This shows insensitivity from people who paraded themselves as leaders. What future are you creating for the upcoming youths who will take over leadership in the nearest future? Its really pathetic and silly!

  • Stupid gov and his aides sweeping d ground, GEF proof a point kano is part of Nigeria. Gov go back to chad. Immature politics. Muah!

  • Just look at dem,Hw on earth will matured men, a governor for dat matter be fooling em self in such manner? Sumbo u are rit! Gej actually proofed em self an put em to sham in his own home town.
    He is d devil bewitching Kano an not Gej.
    Enemy of Nigeria.

  • Yess of course so as to sweep away all the evil he came with … Because GEJ is a vampire came to suck blood in kano and his plans did not work … Good work my governor may his evil plans be with him and his genarations ohh what a devil called GEJ

  • Nawa oooo,ao can gov. Does ds kind of tns to d leader,1st citizen of our great country nigeria.where s d place of commandment of God as stated in bible and muhamed as stated n koran,leader needs to respect and honour his senior leader 4 him to be honoured and respected.
    Well as a matter of fact whatever any1 sow,he/she w s a matter of time

  • The Gov. has done the right thing, that show how ready he is to get rid of this bad leader (GEJ).
    The worst president Nigeria ever had is Jonathan. insecurity, unemployment and corruption are his achievement

  • after sweeping GEJ let him also him n his supporters als join others to sweep out Boko haram from d infested north.

  • Just what is more insensitive?The sweeping or rallying,at a point where almost all the country in mourning,that dickhead of a president went ahead with his selfish rally,surprisingly you animals couldn‘t see anything in that,you people are so brainless,stupid animals with no single sense,idiots.

  • Are we ever going to wake-up someday with our brains in our skulls?I don‘t think so,with blocked-minded people like you guys,we are never going to see reason,why do you think we are here?Just why did GOD ALMIGHTY prefered mankind upon other animals?Why is mankind a higher animal?So that we might be thinking like this?Wake-up people,shun sentimentality,or else…..

  • Its funny how those wit hause names are supporting the childish act of the APC gov. Where in other development country do you see them behave that where.The funny thing is how you northern ppl are using your hands to kill your self (boko haram). Accept my sympathy.

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