[PHOTOS] EFCC Press Release: Seven undergraduates arrested in Lekki raid. SEE WHY..


Press release from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC. Find below…

A surprise dawn raid on two houses in the Lekki area of Lagos on April 6, yielded the arrest of seven suspects, all undergraduates studying various courses in some of the nation’s tertiary institutions.

The undergraduates, who are within the age-range of 21 and 29 years, include Elete Fred Debi, a 500-level student of Physics/Production Technology of the University of Port-Harcourt, Rivers State. Others are: Ese Iriruaga, 300-level student of Geology,  Delta State University, Abraka, Delta State; Couson Jimmy, 300-level student of Computer Science, Benson Idahosa, University, Benin-City, Edo State; Anthony Onos, 200-level student of Political Science, Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos State; Omene Stephen, 200l student of Computer Science, University of Port-Harcourt, Rivers State; Kome Emmanuel, 200l student of Petroleum Engineering, University of Port-Harcourt and Shola Muyiwa of the Petroleum Training Institute, Effurun, Delta State.

They were picked in two houses at Lekki County Homes and Lekki Phase One, both in the Eti-Osa Local Government Area of Lagos State following an intelligence report on their alleged involvement in sundry internet scams.

The suspects have all made useful statements. One of them, Shola Muyiwa, confessed that, he recently collected $100 from one of his victims, Dora Hunt, based in North Carolina, United States of America.

Various items were recovered from the suspects such as laptop computers, expensive phones, Ipads and exotic cars, including a Range Rover Evogue; Honda Crosstour , Mercedeze Benz C 300 4matic, S 300 Mercedes Benz and Acura ZDX SUV.

The suspects will be charged to court as soon as the investigation is concluded.
Wilson Uwujaren
Head, Media & Publicity
14th April, 2014


    • Don’t say such Theophilus if there is better jobs and work for both graduate and non graduate to engage in something meaningful doing there will no need for these guys to go into Internet fraud. Let the government provide better Jobs and forget all these nonsense.

      • Dodo, i may not agree with u, if u say because government is not meeting expectation so we should all take to the street and constitute such habit, then no child or woman will be safe eventually, because they are the weaker vessels. if magga no pay again have u thought about what this guys will do to maintain standards? please let us discourage what is bad.


  2. what do you guys mean sef? you see what is wrong and blame it on the economy and you say free them?I sorry for your mentality, are they not students in the first place?still new in school sef!nah this kind unserious lifestyle cos aluu 4.

  3. They’re stupid,the people at the top rip from our economy and invest it outside…they rip from outside and invest it inside..and they arrest them!!! They should just look for things for these dudes to do and give them no excuse to involve in all these shits!

  4. Mumu who tell u say students don’t need job? Ow many of ur nigerian guys are abroad working and schooling? And u are asking what is wrong with our mentality? It’s ur own mentality that is so daft. Every average minded nigerian student is also suppose 2 be in a meaningful employment relating ro course of study. EFCC I take God beg una, make una release those guys. They are hustling. Please go and arrest obasanjo, ibb, tinubu, ribadu, these are criminals we have in nigeria. And their adresses are not hidden. Y these struggling boys?

    • God Bless You…Nor mind dem..D Scmas wen dey Inside Naija so dem nor dey see them na Boys wen dey Hustle dem see…Fuck Efcc

  5. Stupid Useless country! U can arrest dem nw jst bcos of d little token dey collected frm dia friends. Wia dey re pple stealin billions of Naira in dis country, una no see dem at all oh! God punnish all of una

  6. Dey should b left alone…have they caught obasanjo? Or abacha’s family??or our senators? Fools in disguise disturbing dese vibrant youth…!!!!!!

  7. @you,correct,na dis kin tin cos aluu4,and no be all undergraduates dey do shady deal,all of una wey dey blame gov.na becos dem neva dupe ur sis,uncle,relative or even u,dey dey do dt for sch.imagine de tin dem go do wen dem graduate,carry gun now or become suicide bomber,cos dem mouth don open,na pple like ds wey dey spoil ds country,mumus!

  8. EFCC should chance the biting creatures ie Boko Haram and their sponsors rather than arresting innocent students who must survive the harsh situation.

    • May Boko Haram find Efcc and bomb dem since dem no get single sense, because you fools are in power so you abuse it by arresting the innocent, why have you not arrested GEJ, Tinubu, David Mark, Lamidu Sanusi, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and the rest of the legal thieves in govt sits? and you fools talking trash shut up your mouth and die

  9. May Boko Haram find Efcc and bomb dem since dem no get single sense, because you fools are in power so you abuse it by arresting the innocent, why have you not arrested GEJ, Tinubu, David Mark, Lamidu Sanusi, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and the rest of the legal thieves in govt sits? and you fools talking trash shut up mouth and die

  10. hmmmmm. let us all nt see evil and try to mk it seem good. al dese pple u guys hv mentioned are all thieves, so r dese seven guys. i blive der are oda honest jobs out der. imagine if u wer d one dt was swindled wt such huge amount of moni, d loss and sadness it wl brng to u. perharps u shd allow dem swindle u a huge amount f moni, only den, u wl knw hw it hurts. wat dese guys did, is the same tin our nigerian leaders did by stealing our nation’s economy,dt led our country youths jobless and left pple hungry. let us also try not to insult ourselves in tryn to make a comment. tanx guys.

  11. The Nigerian security agents are the most lagging I have ever known. Let them look for book haram and the fraud stars in government and live little boys alon

  12. I read comments of supposedly young ones and all I can do is pray for this country. U guys are all blaming the govt and saying efcc shld free them, for young graduates who have decided to be yahoo boys @ d expense of their academics. The schools mentioned are all in session apart from lasu, and they are in lagos staying in luxury cars and living in high brough areas. God help us wth this our crime mentality. No excuse can justify a criminal act so they must face justice.

  13. Fine,they were arrested the efcc,the phone u president share for his abdolted daughter marriage is from who’s account,efcc should go to hail for all I care.

  14. Hmmmmm..u all said right. Wot abt d issues of unrremitted funds btw CBN governor and d NNPC ? Are they nt aware (EFCC)? Bad economy n unemployment could leads 2 somtin else. But No mata how bad d economy of a nation is ,it is advisable 2 b a gud citizen of dt country. Nigeria needs God intervention

  15. U govt. pple knws hw dis country is. It is survival of d fitest. At least dis guys r able to collect cmtin frm d greedy ones,una dey disturb dem, e no gud oo,if any of dem had ask u for sku fees or anytin u for give am? No way cos u govt thiesf r wicked. Abeg make una free dos guys dat v learnt hw to fish lyk una….

  16. I plead on behalf of dis young dudes,let d efcc grant dem bell and make a provision of earnin living to dem,who will arest d bokoharam and d kidnapers,who will arest d corrupt leaders embeselin public funds,God is watchin evryone,

  17. No job jaree theo ur mad by saying efcc do well ,,,,politician dey chop rhere own no job,no ligth,transportation hard nothin nothing abeg make dem leav them jor.Efccpls leave those guys ooooooooo

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