Pit Bulls Maul Elderly Woman To Death In Texas Home


Texas police say an elderly woman was attacked and killed by two “large and aggressive” pit bulls inside her home Monday.

Dorothy Hamilton, 85, was in the living room of her home in Kaufman, southeast of Dallas, when police say two of her son’s eight pit bulls broke through a bedroom door and mauled her to death, according to CBS Dallas-Fort Worth. The two dogs involved in the attack had been kept in the bedroom for months.

The woman was found by one of her sons. who told police he’d seen her and the dogs earlier in the day, but that everything had been fine.

Six dogs outside were not involved in the attack, but neighbors told Fox Dallas-Fort Worth that there had been many complaints about the animals over the years.

“One of those pit bulls charged all the way down the road to where that truck is at me and my dog. That’s been about two years ago and I haven’t walked since. It was very frightening,” neighbor Emma Glenn told the station.

Carl Garmon, Hamilton’s eldest son, said that his mother feared the dogs.

A medical examiner will confirm the exact cause of death. The pit bulls that attacked her will be euthanized, and all of the dogs will be quarantined. It is not clear if Hamilton’s son will face criminal charges, but none have been filed so far.

On the same day, police in League CIty, Texas said that a 23-year-old mother was mauled trying to protect her 2-year-old daughter from her boyfriend’s pit bull.

According to police, the dog attacked the woman and her child in the bathroom of her home. The little girl remains in critical condition. Police shot the dog to immobilize it, and the animal was later put down.