Prayers Cannot Solve Nigeria’s Insecurity Problems – Soyinka

Professor Wole Soyinka yesterday said that the country was in need of competent leaders to confront the security challenges facing it.

He said this in Osun State at a colloquium with the theme Fundamental Imperatives of Cohabitation, Faith and Secularism, organised by Centre for Black Culture and International Understanding, CBCIU, Osogbo.

Soyinka noted that the security challenges facing the country could not be solved by prayers, but by leaders with capacity to deal with the situation without partisanship.

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He suggested that learning from the history of nations that had faced similar situations could help Nigeria survive her present security challenges.

Soyinka, who was a keynote speaker at the colloquium called for a frank talk among stakeholders in the affairs of the country to end the spate of bombings.

He said he received with shock the news of Nyanya Motor Park bombing. He therefore tasked authorities concerned to arrest the situation.

The Nobel Laureate also debunked a newspaper report, which quoted him as saying the nation’s security challenges could be resolved through prayers, positing that Boko Haram insurgency should not be mistaken for a religious war, insisting that prayers alone could not end the crises.

”I have never said prayer can help resolve the security challenges facing Nigeria.

“I believe the situation must be tackled without partisanship and all these uninformed comments cannot help the situation.

“We should wake up to the reality. Nigeria is in war and only competence can solve the problem, not prayers,” Soyinka said.


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  2. the prof wolesoyinka said the true, all our politicial bizzy buying private jet. leave the masses with insecurity. for excample of what happen in boston, see how America find the prosecutor. we talk of closing boader when our house loose. this country can not afford drone for security but they can buy jet like scrap. they are the killer and since the masses hearth has being fill with division there is noway we can fight them they are all agent of devil. just the way they make there sacrify during Oct 1st just the same things of bombing Nyanyan. the almighty God deliver this country from devilish leader. ameen

  3. I TOTALLY disagree with this “Professor”. I read his book ‘the Lion and the Jewel’ as my literature book in my form 1 or 2 (I think) in my days as a secondary student in Ibadan. And from experience I believe that it is ONLY the right kind of prayers that will solve Nigeria’s problem. The problem is indeed ‘spiritual” and so is the ‘war’..MY generation is NOT a ‘wasted’ one that will not ‘do what God did’ when on earth. From the prayers, “people” will be inspired with the CORRECT solution. The REAL leaders will emerge that have the ‘solution’ to Nigeria’s problem wrt to our position in Africa. Some ‘people’ that had been ‘covered’ that have silently been observing the situations and had known the solutions and HOW to go about it will be ‘revealed’.That is what ONLY prayers can do..


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