Prosecutor Says Pistorius is Concocting Evidence

Athlete Oscar Pistorius is “tailoring his evidence” at his murder trial, the prosecutor has said, as his cross-examination enters a second week.

“Your version of events is untrue,” said prosecutor Gerrie Nel.

Mr Pistorius admits killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in February last year, but says he fired his gun after mistaking her for an intruder.

Mr Nel argued Ms Steenkamp was trying to leave the South African star’s house after an argument, when she was shot.

Pistorius Contorting Evidence Says Prosecutor Nel.
Pistorius Contorting Evidence Says Prosecutor Nel.

According to the BBC, Mr Nel is trying to highlight apparent inconsistencies between Mr Pistorius’ bail application and his evidence in court to show he is “tailoring his evidence” to suit the defence case, which he said had been “concocted”.

On one occasion, when Mr Pistorius corrected Mr Nel, the prosecutor said this showed Mr Pistorius was a “stickler for detail” and yet on many aspects of the case, the athlete was being vague.

The Olympic sprinter, a double amputee, has three times broken down in tears as he recounted the night of the killing.

On the third time, just before the lunch break, Mr Nel – known as “bull terrier” for his fierce style of questioning – suggested that Mr Pistorius was doing it on purpose.

Source: The BBC


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