REVELATION: What I Told President Jonathan About Boko Haram-Guru Maharaj Ji

The Spiritual Leader of One Love Family, Sat. Guru Maharaj Ji, has finally revealed what he told President Goodluck Jonathan when he was opportuned to meet the president some months ago.


According to an interview the respected cleric granted the Daily Independent and published on Saturday, the prophet popularly called Sat. Guru Maharaj Ji said he had told President Jonathan who Boko Haram sponsors were.

He added that if the president had listened to him when he visited Aso Rock two years ago, all the recent attack by the Boko Haram sect wouldn’t have happened.

Sat. Guru Maharaj Ji named past leaders as part of those sponsoring the deadly sect and challenged the Northern leaders to come out and prove they have no hand in the insurgency going in some parts of the country.

He said: “I had told President Goodluck Jonathan those behind these nest of killers (Boko Haram) through several publications.”

 Sat Guru Maharaji ji accused northern leaders for the spate of insurgency in the country

“I have asked the President to arrest them before now because they said after the 2011 general elections that because power did not return to the North, they would make the nation ungovernable.

“The spirit of the creator is against them. They are going to be dealt with. I will call them to order in the interest of innocent Nigerians, enough of the bloodletting. If President Jonathan had listened to the advice I gave him two years ago when I was at Aso Rock, all the killings by Boko Haram would have stopped. After my visit to the villa, the bombings stopped but because those in government did not continue to tap from my spiritual grace, the bombers returned.

“Nigeria belongs to all of us. As Living Perfect Master, I cannot be here and all these continue. I am challenging the Northern leaders to an open debate in a national television. Let them swear by the name of the Creator and all the seven elements of the earth that their actions were not the direct reflection of Boko Haram onslaught.”

Source: Daily Independent


  1. Even itz a blind man he or she will understand where the drum is comin from..infact diz cleric is right bcz rit frm tym jonne took over power boko harm sprung up n jonne knws d pepetrator behind diz… jst that he is afraid..n even our security official r nt helpin matters..rather than protectin the citizenry d go abt given fake news on how thier killing d harm boyz. In developed country security official dnt publicize information on thier operations until itz utilize buh in nigeria d leak information to rebel b4 such operation r carried tell me cnt they defeat or stop d harm whn som of d governors n former military head stat r thier sponsor.except we stand up as nija diz blood bath will still continue.

  2. Oh! Mandela RIP who almost spent the rest of his life in jail for the lv of his people. But for a Nign leader to die & leave that oil money is absolutely impossible. Goodluck has five (5) problems 1. He want 2nd tenure. 2. He can’t leave the oil money. 3. He can’t sacrifice for his ppl/masses like Mandela did. 4. He is afraid of the northern ex-leaders. Lastly, I doubt if he (GeJ) seeks advice from Baba OBJ. How I wish OBJ was still there, these bombing & killing of INNOCENT Nigerians would ‘ve been a thing of the past. Now, tell me the diff’ btw Mili’ & Civi’ rule.