SEE Fathia Balogun’s Sister’s N150,000 Birthday Dress & Shoes

And before you go oh Ladun WTH, she said it herself. Quick one, her name is Arike Josephine Williams and she is the younger sister of very talented actress, Fathia Balogun. She recently celebrated her 28th birthday and E24-7 was there to cover the event and had a little chat with her. Also see more photos courtesy of them

You had a unique outfit to celebrate your birthday, how much did you spend on it?

Both shoes and my dress cost a hundred and fifty thousand naira (N150,000).
You are a fresh graduate with no job yet, how were you able to raise money for that? 

Oh, my boyfriend got the dress for me, and I am glad he did.
Back to the financial cost of your birthday, how much did you spend in total for your birthday? 

For drinks and every other thing, I spent over Five Hundred Thousand Naira, but my boyfriend and other friends really made it happen on that day and I am so glad.


  1. She must be so stupid, this is mad female dog.son of bicth…Take a look at urself bush ram Goat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Mumu…..go to hell

    • Hello creation of God or Lucifer? or Arike Josephine Williams or whatever u wish to call urself.


      And after all this you will go to church for thanksgiving and probably drop an
      envelope of N1,000 as offering (if it will ever be) as offering to God for keeping ur life till date.

      Consequential curses. Will it will start to manifest you will be busy running around for
      self inflicted curses not pastor can perform except God Himself, only if you will realize the root
      cause of your spiritual problem.

      Keep mocking God until after latter.


  2. She must be so stupid, this is mad female dog.son of bicth…Take a look at urself bush ram Goat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Mumu…..go to hell

  3. She’s not 4rm a responsible home if she is, she doesnt need anybody 2 correct her b4 she behaves responsibly, i am disppointed in Fathia Balogun bcos i knw she’ll be there

  4. Am sori to say dis but i think dis girl is a mad dog cos if dey dash my sister dis cloth she go swear for dat person i didnt blame her i blame he useless boyfriend

  5. U guys are talking about her clothes at 28 she just graduated when her mates are already married and earning good salary she is thr spending unnecessarily and even proud doing it. If she was 23 I will understand. Mscheeeew. U said boyfriend nt husband wen he leaves u den u will do prostitution to continue ur 150k clothes n shoes lifestyle. Berra change ur mentality girl life is not like that.

  6. Dis is rurbish I don’t tink dis is a girl,she is a prostitude on d highest orda,well as for d boyfriend na real money miss rOad I pray for god to 4gv u guys

  7. this is a free world if you are not pleased about her life style you can jump into lagoon, why taking panadol for someone headache, some of you girls are even worse than her….ti ko ba te yin lorun e lo ku

  8. Just look @ ur self u don’t need 2 expose ur body b/4 we known dt u beautiful because is total rubbish May God wil 4gve u

  9. Freshgraduate ke…if I hear. Dis one that has neva seen the four walls of a class in a university between tell ur boifwend to register you to a gym center…..awon smellos


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