SHOCKER: Woman Throws 14-Month-Old Baby, Brother, Under Moving Lorry, SEE Why (PHOTOS)

A 33-year-old Chinese woman, Hu Chen, has been arrested in the city of Cixi in east China’s Zhejiang province for throwing her baby girl and her older brother under a moving lorry.

According to reports posted by Dailymail, the 14-month old girl was crushed by the lorry but her brother was rescued by a passer-by.

Though the six-year-old  was said to escape with cuts and a broken arm.

It was gathered that Hu Chen flung her children in the street after a disagreement with her husband.

Police reports say the woman had wanted revenge on her husband after they were involved in a row before the incident.


An eyewitness, Li Peng, told a local TV station that: “She picked up one and threw her into the traffic, then grabbed the other and did the same.

“It was heart stopping, I can’t stop thinking about it.”

Reports say the trucker, Yul Tsui, who crushed the baby over the baby girl, climbed down from his rig and knelt down in prayer in front of the dead toddler.

“He was crying,” said Li Peng, adding: “He could not have stopped in time.

truck_1 truck_2

“The woman just hurled the baby into his path without a word of warning. There was simply no time for him to slow down.”

Hu Chen is expected to face a death penalty if found guilty. Her husband is reportedly under sedation in a local hospital.

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