The Ultimate Warrior Dead at 54- WWE

The WWE announces its ‘Hall of Famer’ the Ultimate Warrior has died aged 54.

The news comes days after his induction and his return to the company after an 18-year breakup.

A WWE statement read: “WWE is shocked and deeply saddened to learn of the passing of one of the most iconic WWE superstars ever, The Ultimate Warrior. …

The Ultimate Warrior is Dead, Aged 54.
The Ultimate Warrior is Dead, Aged 54.

“We are grateful just days ago, Warrior had the opportunity to take his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame and was able to appear at WrestleMania 30 and Monday Night Raw to address his legions of fans. WWE sends its sincere condolences to Warrior’s family, friends and fans.”

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Warrior was born James Brian Hellwig, but legally changed his name to Warrior in 1993. He is survived by his wife Dana and daughters Indiana and Mattigan, who had accompanied him to the podium at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony Saturday night in New Orleans.

He was known for his energetic style, sprinting down the aisle to the ring; violent shaking of the ropes to psych himself up; and unique interview style that left fans captivated or confused, and often both.


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