Tonto Dikeh War With Her Sibling Continues

Tonto Dikeh and her sibling are still not getting along.
You will remember last year that when Tonto Dikeh granted and interview and said while in school she had to strive to make a living; she said she remembers the days she had begged to eat, and everything she owns today she worked hard for it.
But one of her sisters was so fast to call her out on Twitter, swearing and insisting none of them suffered while in school because their dad would have died for them, that was how much he loved us, she said.
A lot of people were shocked that her blood sister instead of covering her up, exposed her.
Now this morning being National siblings day, Tonto tweeted and said, she was her own ‘family and sibling’ because she has none and whoever has a worthy sibling/family should not forget to show them love today and continually.
She posted the photo above to explain her ‘no sibling palava’.


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