Top 10 Signs You Are a Male Chauvinist


In our society there are two types of men, first type holds the men who actually admire women, give regard to their opinion, and involve them in all the important decisions. The second type includes the men who claim that they respect women but they never leave a single chance vacant of insulting them, just the kind of men at work who keep joking about how a woman’s real job is to cook the food and clean the house, the kind of husband & boyfriends who in the name of protection try to control women’s life, simply the kind of man who are unable to accept the idea of equality among men and women, such men are known as Male chauvinists. These kind of men are found everywhere in the society, they would claim that they really like the idea of women working but in reality they are against it. These kinds of men try to humiliate working women and try to do everything possible to cease their liberation. For the women it has become essential to know if the person is being a male chauvinist and then keep him at an arm’s length. The top 10 signs that show a person being a male chauvinist are:

One simple sign of a male chauvinist is that he will never trust a woman with anything, be it making a decision, picking up a restaurant, driving the car or taking the dog out for a walk, buying grocery for home, picking up the furniture & curtains. He will simply not let you decide things; this clearly signifies that he does not trust your judgment. The person thinks that the decisions he is taking Is best and whatever you decide is not worth consideration. This is one fat sign of a male chauvinist.

He will keep on criticizing you, he will tell you that you don’t cook the right food, he will keep telling you that the work you have done could have been better, he will always tell you that the kind of books you read are useless, tell you that you watch good for nothing movies, he will hate you favorite actor or singer, he would loathe the kind of music you listen to. If you have such a person at work then he will always criticizes your ideas and will try his best to find faults in your work. He simply cannot accept the fact that a woman is capable of doing good work, even if the work is good, he will never appreciate it. Try not to take the comment of such stupid jerks to your heart, trust yourself. If you think that your work is good then let these people bark and simply ignore.

a male chauvinist will try to bind you in every possible way, for instance if you are in a relationship with such a guy then he will try to dominate you as much as possible, he will try to blackmail you emotionally, he will keep pointing towards your bad habits and that how unfair you are to him, he will make it look like that he is the only one suffering and you are worst person on earth. Don’t listen to what the person is saying; listen to your heart only.

He will think of you a fruitless person; he will see you as incapable creature that can never be trusted for any work. In work place such a person will never give you any important work only because you happen to be a woman instead he will prefer man. Such person will think of woman as dumb creature, they think of woman as someone who cannot make big decisions

Harassment is very common in almost every society, mostly at the work places and educational institutes. Some men find the presence of women very frustration, simply they don’t like women working at the same level as them so they try to molest the women thinking of them as an inferior creature. They do this to scare the women so that they get tired of the harassment and leave the job.

There are men who find it very irritating when women starting complaining, ever thought why? well there are some men who love the woman so much that they can’t see her in agony or crying but there some men who can’t stand women complaining because they are of the opinion that women simply do not have a right to complain. They think that men can treat the women in whatever way they want and the women are not even allowed to complain.

A male chauvinist will tell how to dress up; he will interfere in your clothing, your makeup, and your shoes. Will tell you how to diet, what to eat and what no to eat, he will start picking up your drinks, order food for you, even tries to tell you how to hold a knife and fork, forbid you from wearing your favorite clothes. Ask you to wake up early. All these signs show that he thinks you are capable of taking care of yourself, simple feeble. At work he will try to fix the printer for you, help you with the stuff you are carrying, do the sweet talk, use words like dear, sweetheart etc.

Such a person will try to control your socializing circle; he will hate your girlfriends and even family. He will ask you to stop meeting particular girlfriends; will ban certain places for your hangout, tell you not to stay out late with friends. Stalk your social networking sites, ask for your passwords. He will ask you to choose between him and your friends; he will keep telling you about how useless your gal friends are.

He will discourage you from doing any work, be it your profession or the profession you want to choose, it will be of zero value to him, he will never help you with any work instead he will divert your attention and bring distraction. He will pay no head to your education and take it as an unnecessary thing. He will always give priority to his career & work and at the same time demoralize your field of work. He will consider his field of work as a profession and yours as some kind to use labor work; also he would try persuading you to give up your work. He would classify between women’s and men’s work saying that women are supposed to do the household work only.

While making some important decision he will not prefer asking for your opinion, he will take the decision on his own especially when it comes to decisions related to finance and property. Apart from that when a conversation related to some historical or political topic when he will ask you to stay quite as according to him you have no knowledge about these topics and if you gave you opinion then he will think of your opinion as a scrap or junk.


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