UNBELIEVABLE: Girl Suddenly Begins Communicating After 11 Years Of Silence, SEE Why

A girl born with autism has been reported to suddenly begins communicating with his parents after 11 years of silence.

According to reports, Carly Fleishmann was born in Toronto with autism which delayed her childhood development.

Carly was 2 years old when it became clear she wasn’t keeping up with her twin sister, Taryn.

When her parents, Arthur and Tammy Fleischmann, learned the diagnosis was autism they believe one of their twins would never achieve milestones most take for granted.

Despite going through rigorous therapies, Carly’s developmental progress was slow.

However, at 11-years-old, Carly suddenly began communicating with a computer.

It was gathered that her finger hovers over the keyboard, sometimes for hours, before she painstakingly begins to type:

“You don’t know what it feels like to be me, when you can’t sit still because your legs feel like they are on fire or it feels like a hundred ants are crawling up your arms.”

“It is hard to be autistic because no one understands me. People look at me and assume I am dumb because I can’t speak.”

There are experts and skeptics who believe that nonverbal people like Carly are incapable of thinking or writing.

“I think people get a lot of their information from so-called experts but if a horse is sick, you don’t ask a fish what’s wrong with the horse. You go right to the horse’s mouth.”

Her words may never have been found if not for the relentless determination of her family, who never gave up on her.

Carly’s story is how one child found her way out of the dense forest that is autism, and how her experience may unlock the mysteries of this baffling disorder.

Below is a video showing Carly’s sudden change:

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