Viewers Discretion (18+): Meet Transgender Model Who Is Taking The World By Storm

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New York-based transgender model, Inès-Loan Rau is gradually taking the world by storm.

Only a few months into her career, she has already shot for Playboy, Vogue Italia and Candy Magazine.

The 24-year old model was born a boy before having a sex change and says she’s loving every bit of it.

She also loves to flaunt her nudity; what she calls her best part in taking pictures.

She has a word or two for people who are willing to have a change of sex insisting they must be ready for it, if they think they were born in the ‘wrong’ body.

Her words and more pictures of her after the cut.


What advice would you give to young trans people who are dreaming of transitioning physically but maybe don’t have the means yet?

I think you need to be sure you want to change your sex physically. If you aren’t sure, I wouldn’t recommend you go for it, because I think that doesn’t make sense. But if you really know deep inside that you’re born in the wrong body and want to go through the big change, then go for it as young as you can. Go see doctors and do things properly. Then it’s the best adventure in the world!
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