Want The Ring? 3 Tip To Make Him Get Closer To You!


article-2013719810490238942000If you’ve been dating your guy for a while and things seem great, but it still feels a bit too casual, it may be time to kick things up a notch when it comes to bonding with your boyfriend. Check out our dating tips for getting closer.
If you’ve never been away with your guy, planning a weekend trip out of town can be a great way to get to know each other even better. With no distractions and no one else to hang out with but each other, there’s a good chance that your romantic getaway will bring you closer. After all, you learn a lot about a person when you go away with them, so hopefully your trip will do a good job at tightening your twosome.
Take a road trip. Choose a destination a few hours away (so you don’t spend the whole weekend in the car) and get out on the road. Book a hotel if you want, or you can up the excitement by figuring out where to stay once you arrive. A road trip is a low key and low cost way to bust out of your routine for a few days.

Go camping. If both of you enjoy the great outdoors, think about packing up your tent, sleeping bags and camp stove and checking out a national park together. Sleeping, eating, cuddling and getting frisky under the stars is one of the most romantic things you can do as a couple. Just don’t forget the bug spray!

Book a room. If you’re short on time (and on cash), getting away doesn’t have to mean going very far. In fact, why not book yourselves into a hotel or bed and breakfast right in your own town or city? You get the benefit of being somewhere different while feeling like you’re away – without having to pack more than an overnight bag.

If your relationship has leveled out and you’re starting to wonder how to take things to the next level in terms of closeness, you may have to start asking the tough question, like where the relationship is going. We know these aren’t the easiest topics to broach, but there’s only so long you can wait before the big questions come up and need answering.

Sure, you talk all the time – about work, weekend plans, where you want to go for dinner, but do you really talk? If you find that you’ve never really opened up to each other about your fears and dreams, it might be time to start. Talking openly and honestly about things that can often feel uncomfortable to discuss can be a great way to boost your bond. Not sure what to talk about? Here are a few ideas to get your started.

Talk about goals. Tell him what you’ve always wanted to do (run a marathon, climb Kilimanjaro, live abroad) and ask him what’s been nagging him in terms of must-dos.
Talk about fears. What’s been holding you back? See if you can get him to open up about his own fears and concerns.
Talk about the past. Tell him some funny, interesting stories about your childhood and teenage years. Ask him about what he was like growing up. You’ll get some great insight into each other’s
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