We Need A New Nigeria – Amaechi

Rivers State governor, Chibuike Amaechi has advocated a positive change that will introduce a new Nigeria.


Amaechi, who spoke during a church programme at the Glorious Covenant Ministry, Iwofe, Port Harcourt yesterday, echoed a prophecy for a new Nigeria by an elder of the church, Elder Gomba H. Osarollor, saying that things would need to be done differently across Nigeria to get new results of growth and development throughout the country.

The governor said: “He (Elder Gomba H. Osarollor) prophesied a new Nigeria. What else do I need to say? We are saying that we need a new Nigeria. All of you who are computer literate; when you garbage in, you garbage out. The only way you can get a new result is to change what you are garbaging in.”

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He appealed to the church to speak against election rigging and corruption among public office holders.

“I will plead with the leaders of the church that the pulpit is not a place for politics, but don’t forget too that if the church completely divorces itself from the leadership then the country will crumble.

“So while we will not play politics in the church, the priest must stand here and speak on behalf of God and ask whether our leaders including me are performing or not.”

“If the priest stands here and a counsellors or a member of your church wins councillorship election by rigging and the priest welcomes him, the priest has committed sin, I’m not God to judge but the priest has committed sin.

“If the priest watches the man till six months, he comes here with a brand new car that he has come to do thanksgiving to Christ and he will be singing ‘It shall be permanent, what the Lord has done for me it shall be permanent,’ all of you will be singing with him and come and dance here and the priest takes that car, what has he done, he has committed sin. There are people dying every day from our stealing.”

Source: Leadership


  1. Nigeria will never have peace expect BIAFRANS is allow to go back to their COUNTRY.forget about the looting you so leader are looting in this zoo call nigeria that make you to be aganist BIAFRAN NATION.am here let every one of you to acknoweldge that wealther you people support us/biafrans or not we will get our NATION sooner than expected than shame will overwhelm you all who called yourself leaders of easterns and southerns.but we forgive as many of you who repent now and dont think we fool to accept any of you after we have actulized our dream before your coming back to your right sencess.i rest my case and gudluck


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