Why We Defected To PDP – APC Youths

APC-PDPThe All Progressive Congress (APC) Youth Frontier in Abuja, said it had defected to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) due to identified injustice and abnormalities in the APC.

Mr Usman Austin, the National Coordinator of the frontier, said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Abuja.

The frontier is a group associated with the APC with the objective of championing the party`s course, defending and preaching its manifesto to the youths in Nigeria.

“We identified with them because of the name progressives and progressives should be in action, not in words,’’ he said.

Austin, who led other youths of the frontier to defect to the PDP on April 6, said that they took the decision to fight the injustice meted out on some APC chieftains.

He said that the frontier before it defected to the PDP, wrote several proposals to the APC youth leader on identified anomalies but there was no redress.

He said that the anomalies bordered on issues from the merger of the party with the defunct new PDP.

According to him, it was wrong for the new PDP to merge with the APC in the first place because it was not a registered political party.

“How can a political party merge with a faction of another party, it is not done anywhere and we kicked against it and wrote to El-Rufa’I”, he said.

Austin also questioned the rational of making Sen. Bukola Saraki, the leader of the party in Kwara, while Gen. Buba Marwa, former Military Administrator of Lagos State was being sidelined.

He explained that Marwa had contributed so much to the advancement of APC in Adamawa and the inability to give him a leadership position in the state was an aberration.

“We are working for a formidable nation; the frontier cannot be part of injustice and abnormalities.

“It is not my personal decision but a collective decision. The reason we are defecting to the PDP is to fight the injustice meted on Buba Marwa, Shekarau and others.

“We were in PDP before; we are not new to PDP. The party has the mechanism to resolve its crises not snubbing or ignoring it”, Austin said. (NAN)


  1. I think Nigerian youth should be sincere with themselves.if people deceived us, should we deceive ourselves? Most Nigerian youths are selling their future for morsel of bread. Austin,coodinator of youth frontier is not sincere with his statement, I ran into them on 6th of April where he gave that press briefing,why were they sharing money to people that came there,some 1,000 naira and some 1,500? If they are fighting for a just cause,why bribing the people to gather? Nigerian youths,let’s take our stand and refuse to be used by any politician for their selfish interest.

  2. I do not border wt d old and elder pple of dis country bt d youth bcs I thought w ar gettin wiser! H/ever d reverse is d case as d routined politicians ar stil usin us 4 deir selfish interest. Continue sharin N1000 and suffer 4 d next 1000yrs.