Wizkid Caught Red-Handed Holding…………….


The truth is that, this is something we all know but we urge our celebrities to hide their vices from us as much as possible.

A new photo has surfaced which clearly shows Wizkid holding a lit wrap of marijuana, weed, igbo, cannabis……

Not a good one for the superstar singer.

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  • Weed is a house of inspiration so who ever smoke it must ve reason over it bcos there is no smoke without fire. I love those who smoke and maintain. General information pls, Stainless Gabby is not a smoker.thanks!

  • For those of us who say it’s right for d dude to allow himself get caught on camera with weed, well consider dis: d day u catch ur 15 year old daughter or son smoking weed nd b4 u say anything, they show u dis picture on their mobile fone telling u dat their role model does it so they see anything bad about it…maybe then u will understand that whateva our so called celebrities do directly affects our younger generation…shikena..mmmmtcheeeew!

  • Wizkid I guess this money has entered your head….don’t u watch other top artist do they misbehave like you…in life age matters dts all….I hate smokers with like mad

  • Where in this picture can anyone tell if this is weed or not? It could be a rolled cigarette, I think someone just wants to blame the hip-hop community for their own misguidings.

  • Its wrong to display dat on camera, smoking is not a big deal but its seen dirty ind public, as a star we need to preach and present all we feel is right because of the coming generation,
    This might start to affect his career in d industry. Let all do the right thing in this country and right things will come 2 us

  • @maximus! Go n upgrade ur brain n stop tinkin lyk a fool of d 80s. @scoop. U got it rite, it might jst be a set up.bt meanwhile weed is d bomb

  • allow him be! wait until u make your own money then do what ever you want with it. as for wiz kid his not a baby he knows what he wants and what’s right for him so. looku looku leave him alone!

  • shame on U,….but u sing that pple are sayin u re smokin igboo, claimin they are accusing u, a lair u wll lost fans alot, I hate smoker and now i hate u too..

  • @Sharb nd odas “na una mouth him take smoke am” almost all celebrities smoke weda u lyk it or nt nobody cares…nd we all already knw dat D star boi smokes so y hidin it…@least he still has sexy lips nd b4 any1 says he washes it or whateves “na ur wash?” love wizkid till d end evn if he smokes bush xo

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