Woman Begs Court To Help Save her 25-Years-Old marriage

An Ikole Customary Court  in Ekiti State has  granted the request of an out-of-court settlement by a couple over  the  husband’s allegation of adultery against his wife.


The judge, Mrs Yemisi Ojo, held that “the court is not opposed to amicable settlement of dispute out of court, in as much as the defendant  did not write the letter of restitution under duress.’’

Ojo, therefore, struck out the case and appealed to the couple to forget the past and live harmoniously again.

Fifty-seven-year-old Isaac, on January 21, urged the court to dissolve his marriage to his 48-year-old  wife, Olayemi, over  alleged extramarital affair.

Olayemi, a mother of five, told the court on Febuary 11 that her husband was not the biological father of her fourth child.

She confessed she was involved in an extramarital affair with her former boss which resulted in the  pregnancy  of her  fourth child.

She said that her desire to make heaven prompted her to make the confession.

The court then  adjourned the case for possible reconciliation.

At the resumed hearing,  the court clerk informed the court that the woman wrote a letter dated March 25 to the court.

In the letter, the woman declared that the child in question was actually her husband’s son and expressed regrets for her action.

She further stated in the letter that the court should assist in appealing to her husband to forgive her for the sake of the children.

The petitioner, in his response, told the court that consequent upon the order of the court for possible settlement, family members intervened and the matter was resolved.


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