10 Fun And Offbeat Activities That Will Get You In Shape


images (10)Whether you’re interested in finding a new hobby, staying in shape, or losing weight, starting a new activity will help you accomplish your goals. Here we have listed ten offbeat and fun activities that you might be interested in.

1. Unicycling
Unicycling makes you the center of attention and serves as a good cardiovascular exercise. It will help improve your balance and coordination and will give your legs a good workout too. Because unicycles lack gear transmissions, they require a full pedal rotation per wheel rotation, making your legs work extra hard.

2. Fencing
Fencing is a good cardiovascular exercise that also helps increase your agility, coordination, and reflexes. Fencing gets your adrenalin pumping and makes you concentrate on both your actions and your opponent’s actions. And plus, who can resist a sport where you can use a weapon.

3. Dodge Ball
Dodge ball is usually played in elementary school gym class, but that shouldn’t stop you and your friends from playing it. It will help build up a sweat, giving you a good cardiovascular workout. Because of the nature of the game, you will be pushing yourself to stay alive which will increase your stamina and endurance. Playing dodge ball will also improve your reflexes and is a lot of fun to play.

4. Paint Ball
Paint ball involves two teams that try to eliminate the other team by shooting paint balls at their opponents using gas powered paint ball guns. When you get hit, you’re out for the game. Hits are easily confirmed by the marks paint balls make on players. You’ll be sprinting around the field to both chase and avoid your opponent. This will give you a good cardiovascular workout that typically lasts for 10-30 minutes. And because you want to survive as long as possible, you’ll be pushing your body to stay alert and focused the entire time.

5. Scuba Diving
Scuba diving is a fun way to get into shape because it’s both relaxing and adventurous. Scuba diving allows you to explore underwater areas without having to resurface for air. While scuba diving, you are using your whole body to propel yourself through the water, which gives you a good whole body workout. Also, the extra weight and drag of you scuba gear will give your body an extra challenge.

6. Speed Skating
Speed skating is a fast and exhilarating sport that will keep you coming back for more. Speed skating requires you to sprint around an oval rink at very high speeds. Professional speed skaters whiz around at speeds that approach 40 mph. Speed skating serves as a good cardiovascular exercise and the strong g force experienced while turning will really work your legs.

7. Kick Boxing
Kick boxing is a cardiovascular exercise as well as a full body workout that will push your physical limits. Kick boxing is a more pure sport because it doesn’t require any equipment beyond basic safety gear.

8. Tug Of War
Tug of war is a classic kid’s game that can and should be played by adults too. Just find an open field or park, some friends, and a rope that is strong enough to withstand the pulling forces of both teams. After that, make a mark on the ground to represent the field center, and two other marks on each side of the centerline. These two outer marks are typically spaced four meters away from the centerline. Also put a piece of tape on the rope to indicate its center. Finally, split up the teams, align the rope center with the field center, and tug away until one team brings the rope center past their outer line. Tug of war will increase your whole body strength and force you to exert yourself for the entire match.

9. Archery
Archery requires a lot of focus, concentration, and precision. When you shoot an arrow, you have to use your upper body strength to draw your bow and hold it. When your bow is drawn, it is necessary to stay still and focused to make an accurate shot.

10. Skiboarding
Skiboarding is very similar to downhill skiing except skiboarding involves being strapped to two short and wide skiboards. Because skiboards are both smaller and lighter than traditional skis, it gives you a chance to move more when going down a slope. This makes it possible to skate down with more mobility in your legs, which can give you a better workout than with traditional downhill skis. One drawback to skiboarding is that their unique design makes them less ideal for deep powder snow. But overall, skiboarding definitely is something worth trying out.

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