10 Ways to Flirt With And Flatter Your Date

images (17) Single and ready to fling-le? Bring sexy back into your date!

1. Arm touching: Save the arm-twisting for later in the relationship, if at all you get to that stage. Gentle touches on the arm are a subtle yet effective way of telling your date that you’re having a great time. Look at it as the preamble to what could follow.

2. Mirror his moves: If you really dig someone, chances are you’ll end up doing it anyway — crossing/uncrossing your legs when your date does, mirroring facial gestures, et cetera. Because, after all, there ain’t no one we all luurve like ourselves.

3. Listen up: Talking sexy is sexy; listening is sexier. It makes the object of your attraction feel important. And it’s an excuse for physical proximity. If you’re bored, tired and/or indifferent, gaze interestedly at your date… throwing in a few nods, “Hmmms?” and “Uh ohs” every now and then.

4. Into your element: You may not end up in a relationship/marriage with a super macho man or the epitome of the femme fatale. But it won’t hurt to have a date that is either of the above. Highlight your most “masculine (pumped-up biceps, broad shoulders) or “feminine” (smouldering eyes, lady long legs) feature and see for yourself.

5. Laugh it up: Smile, grin, giggle, laugh… at your date’s jokes. Even if they aren’t hilarious. Save the condescending nod and the you-think-that’s-funny smirk for later, along with the arm twisting. ;)

6. Eye contact: Nothing is probably as unsexy as eyes that dart all around the place. Do not stare at that hottie (however hot) hovering around nearby, do not gaze at the floor, and DO NOT gawk at your date’s unmentionables. Eye (to eye) contact indicates that you’re capable of being warm, intimate and human.

7. Ear contact: Now this one’s for those at an intermediate flirting level. Lean in and whisper a few sweet/naughty nothings into your date’s ear. Gooseflesh guaranteed.

8. Compliment away: Who doesn’t like to be told that they look/smell nice? Your date has made an effort for you. And for himself/herself, of course. Make it worth it with a couple of compliments.

9. No details, please: Gory details about family history, failed former relationships and/or workplace woes is far from being date talk. At the most, you can take a pot-shot at your own “issues” yourself. Details are too serious relationshippy.

10. Do the cheque dance: You must’ve heard of this one on US TV series How I Met Your Mother. For the uninitiated, it refers to the woman offering to pay, though both the man and the woman know that he’s going to pay eventually. By the way, it’s also sexy if a woman picks up the tab every now and then.

Source: idiva.com