1,702 Pregnant Women Test Positive To HIV In Lagos

Lagos State AIDS Control Agency has revealed that 1,702 pregnant women in the state tested positive to HIV and had to be placed on prophylaxis.

Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Jide Idris, who recently disclosed the statistics added that 1,143 babies that had been exposed to HIV were also placed on prophylaxis

“The agency was able to carry out in the last one year HIV Counselling and Testing, HIC, during which a total of 115,424 clients were counselled atthe health facilities. 40,997 pregnant women were counselled and tested through TBA outreaches.

“5,492 positive clients commenced antiretroviral treatment. 1,702 positive pregnant women were placed on prophylaxis and also 1,143 HIV exposed babies on prophylaxis. We conducted leadership training for 250 secondary school students,” Idris said.

The commissioner added that the agency procured and deployed a second mobile HCT truck around the state, adding that in order to enhance prevention and behavioural change, 60,000 leaflets and 24 booklets were printed and distributed to residents, while 16,000 stickers and 14,000 posters were distributed.

He also disclosed that attendance at the out-patient clinic departments of secondary health facilities in the state has increased by 32% from 3,102,571 to 4,100,503 between 2011 and 2013.

The commissioner noted that the period between 2011 and 2013 witnessed 8% increase in the bed complement of secondary health facilities from 3,091 to 3,339, saying that the utilization of services at public health services with regard to maternal and child health interventions has also improved tremendously since the beginning of the second term of this administration.

He added that the antenatal clinic attendance has increased by 68% from 136,707 in year 2011 to 229,389 in year 2013.



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