3 Men Allegedly Rob Petrol Station, Then Stick Around To Pump Fuel


Regular or premium?

After three men allegedly held up a Hess gas station in Pennsylvania, they stuck around for several hours to pump gas and sold the petrol to customers at a discounted price, CBS Philadelphia first reported.

Local authorities are stunned that the suspects willingly stayed at the scene of the crime early Monday. The running theory is that the men were seeking to gain additional money in the heist.

“In my career, that’s the first time I’ve seen or heard something like this occur,” Lt. John Walker of the Philadelphia Police Department told CBS. “Obviously they probably didn’t feel like they got enough money, so they’re going to sit there, take control of the business, offer gas at a discounted price and try to get additional money which is just bizarre.”

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, a man wearing a Hess shirt posed as a deliveryman in order to gain access to the station. The three suspects, one of whom was armed, then forced their way into the booth. An 18-year-old attendant was grazed by a bullet when the gun was discharged during a struggle. The teen was then locked in the bathroom, and the suspects took control of the station until around 4:30 a.m.

The trio may have been involved in another gas station robbery that took place in the area last week. The Associated Press reported Tuesday that police said the suspects were still at large.

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