45-Yr Old Man Continously Rapes And Impregnates 16-Yr Old Daughter In Ibadan

A 45-yr old man, Ahmed Akintola, has been arraigned for continuously raping and impregnating his teenage daughter in Oyo state.


His case was brought forth at an Iyaganku Chief Magistrate’s court in Ibadan, after complaints were filed for his abominable actions to his young daughter.

Akintola who lives in a one room apartment with his entire family, was said to have been carrying out the acts with his daughter right under their noses while the rest of the family were asleep. According to the girl, he would leave his bed at night and come down to the mat where she sleeps to have sex with her.

His 16-yr old daughter who is currently carrying a 3-month old pregnancy for her father, also revealed that she had complained about her father’s actions to her mother’s family, but they never took the matter seriously or put an end to his evil acts.

Akintola has been remanded in Agodi prison following the orders of Chief Magistrate, Mrs Kehinde Durosaro-Tijani, pending the duplication of his case file by the Directorate of Public Prosecution.

His case was adjourned to May 11.
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