46-year-old Twins Share a Boyfriend, Facebook Profile and Even Their Bedroom


Obsessive twins Amy and Becky Glass are so close they haven’t been apart for more than 30 minutes in 15 years.

The 46-year-old twins share everything, including a joint Facebook profile, a bedroom, the same mobile phone, a business, which they run together in a shared home office, and once even shared a BOYFRIEND.

They go to extremes to be mirror images of each other – and wear the exact SAME outfit every day in slightly different colours.

The pair say they are not interested in relationships anymore, and feel like they are married to one another.

Incredibly, Amy and Becky have been measuring out every bite of food and sip of drink using scales and measuring cups for 19 years, to ensure their body-shapes and weights stay the same.

Amy and Becky, from Los Angeles, USA, said: “It’s really like we’re one person in two bodies.

“We go bite for bite – and we warn each other when the last bite will be so we know when the other is full.

“If Becky doesn’t want dessert, I won’t have it. We either talk each other into it or out of it.

“At one point I weighed a little bit more than Becky, so people would say that I was the bigger twin and we hated it.

“We decided to go on diets and we have both weighed the same weight ever since.”

Growing up, their mother dressed them in identical outfits.

In high school they continued to dress alike, but decided to stop when they were bullied for it.

After starting college at Rutgers University in 1986, in New Jersey, they went back to matching because they hated looking different.

Amy said: “We felt completely off being in different outfits – I felt like more of myself when I matched my sister, it was natural.

“But we decided to make a slight twist – choosing to wear the same outfit in two colours.

“We prefer it so much, because we are the same size, so we can swap clothes.

“It’s like we get two outfits each every time we shop, because we can mix and match on different days.”

In 1993, they met their ex-boyfriend Chris at a party.

Amy said: “We dated at the same time, all three of us – he was always taking both of us out.

“He was the one guy that both of us had sex with.

“As twins with a connection, we kind of just knew instinctively who was in the mood that night.

“We never felt jealous of one another, because he would never choose between us.“

Amy and Becky haven’t gone on a date alone in more than 10 years and have ruled out getting married and having children.

Amy said: “We thought about adopting a child and raising it together but we quickly decided against it.

“We love to travel and it’s just too big of a responsibility.

“We don’t want to get married because we don’t have to answer to anybody.”

The twins graduated with the same marketing degree in 1990, having shared a dorm room and the same group of friends.

Now they love being their own bosses.

Together they run their own marketing company GT Events in Los Angeles and always take conference calls together, often finishing each other’s sentences.

They share an office – and their desks even face one another – meaning they sleep, live and work together 24:7.

Amy and Becky were adopted just two months after they were born, and grew up with their adoptive family in New Jersey, USA.

Amy said: “Our adoptive mom told us how, as babies, we’d climb into each other’s cribs at night because we wanted to be together.

“We never minded sharing, I would take my pacifier right out of my mouth and share it with Becky.

“We were actually on top of each other when we were born, with one simultaneous heartbeat – the whole time our mom never knew we she was having twins.

“We have the same path in life – it’s like we already have a soul mate with each other.”

She added: “It’s natural for us and it feels weird if we’re separated or doing things on our own.

“When Becky isn’t there, it’s kind of like, ‘oh my God, where’s my arm!'”

The pair even believe they will die at the same time.

Amy said: “We say we have a deal with God, he’s taking us both together, at exactly the same time.”



  1. Eyaa! Feels so good, except the part where they don’t want to be married so that they won’t be bossed about. Methinks the problem is, they don’t ever want to be separated


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