7 Places You Should Never Touch A Woman

article-2014411912512546285000These places are where you touch and immediately hear Don’t Touch, Ouch, I am no longer in the mood. The study was done to help men who don’t think about this and rub up on their female partner like a piano.

1. The Tip. The Tip should be avoided being touched when she is breastfeeding and when she is about to have her period because it really hurts.

2. The Leg. When the leg is not shaved, you men should avoid it because it makes her feel hairy and dirty. Women want to be smooth and when you touch there, they realize, they aren’t and it makes them feel lazy and unattractive.

3. The V*g*n*. When she hasn’t taken her bath, please don’t go down on her because she knows and is definitely not feeling fresh. Respect it because your attempt will be futile. She might not enjoy it because she is worrying about her odor anyway.

4. The Backdoor. Never go knocking without a lubricant, its like trying to fit your whole hand into your mouth, its painfull.

5. Hair. This is common sense anyman who has been dating knows this, if she is coming back from the salon, Hands off the hair.

6. Face. When she is feeling oily or has a pimple problem, don’t touch the face just compliment her and hug her cause believe me she knows about her face and feels dirty.

7. The Stomach. The universal arguement starter (Do i look fat) come to play in this one, after a huge meal avoid this area, if you are looking to get lucky because she is thinking to herself that she looks fat especially those of them who obsess over having a flat tummy Or during a premenstrual bloat.


  1. You people are so heartless and wicked! You actually encourage anal sex hence, you code-named it “back door”in number 4 above. Be it known unto you that you’ll certainly reap what you sow: the young and undiscerning ones that you’re spoiling their lives and sending to hell, would most assuredly, come back to you! Repent now of your sexual perversion before it becomes too late for you to do so!!


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