Abducted Girls’ Conversion To lslam, War Against Christianity – CAN

Abducted Girls-Boko HaramThe purported conversion of the abducted schoolgirls of Government Secondary School, Chibok, in Born State by members of Boko Haram has been described as a declaration of war against Christians in the country.

The National President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, who spoke on Monday in reaction to a new video by the sect, showing the Chibok schoolgirls reciting the Holy Qur’an, noted that those girls could not be swapped for any detained Boko Haram members, who he described as ‘criminal fighters’, as demanded by the sect’s leader, Abubakar Shekau.

Speaking through the CAN National Director of Research, Elder Sunday Oibe, at a press conference in Kaduna, Oritsejafor added that the forceful conversion of the girls, who are mostly Christians, amounted to persecution of Christians in Nigeria.

He said, “I have the consent of our national president, who is abroad to address you. First, these children are Christians and not Muslims and so they cannot be converted to a religion that is not theirs at gunpoint without conviction. Besides, is that how conversion is being carried out? All the children displayed are Christians and that is the motive behind the abduction.

“It is simple. Because they are Christians and they represent the church in the eyes of their abductors. Secondly, it smacks of some form of religious persecution. If not, why are their captors converting them to another religion? And if they say they will use them as a condition to negotiate for their men in detention, our daughters are not criminals and cannot be used in any way to free their criminal fighters.

“Show us where in Nigeria you have seen Christians fighting and throwing bombs in the name of God. We challenge any one to show us where Christians have abducted Muslim children in the name of Christianity. We challenge anyone to prove in Nigeria where Christians have taken arms in the name of protecting Christianity or even carry out acts of genocide on helpless and defenceless Nigerians. As far we are concern, it is a war against Christians and Christianity”.


  1. Christianity survive and spread through persecution. it is clear now that 55% of Northerner are Christian don’t worry all of them will soon become Christian. Thanks to Book Harm .Nigerian should always use their 3rd eye to see.

  2. You useless people so called boko haram, is that how stupit n invalid ur religion is. I’m regrating my recent conversion to islam. I and my entire vilage with even those that were born in islam have desided 2 turn 2 christianity cos is the religion of evalasting peace with Jesus Christ, we ar tired of this ur blood socking god of islam. To hell with ur actions, u also come 2 Jesus b4 it is too late for u. If not ur reward is hell fire 4ever.

  3. And u shall know d truth, and d truth shall make u free. Christianity is not a religion, it is life eternal. Glory b 2 God 4 d revealed truth in Nigeria. Brethren, let’s b film in our faith.

  4. to God be the glory,that it is no longer a hiden truth that islam is a blood sucking religion whose motto is violence and opperation kill the true faith,but God shall expose them the more to the whole world.some of their leaders out of pretence had be saying that islam is peace i don’t know when killing,maiming,abducting,burning churches and other atrocities like fighting for their gods has become peace.now our security aperatuse are full of fulty is muslem,taking laws into hands is muslem,negligence of duty in police/army is muslem ok! with all these evident is not better for us to disintergrate since we can never live and stay togather in peace.the north should come out and say what they want before the whole world insdead of fooling them self that islam is peace.as for us we know them as satan in human flesh and they should know that God of the chritian are watching them and they should not expect us fight canally with them.we waite for our God to fight for us ang second from now.A

  5. if they doubt that their religion is not evil are they telling us shekau and other sheikh have their own quran different?because every sees how they recite quran whenever they are to kill human or are they telling us that shekau don’t know how to qead quran again? after he red mang verces in internet to show the whole world the full mind of quran and follower, he also quote that every muslem knew about it, and those that said islam is peace should tell us when forcing,killing,violence become peace.as for us we know that the good of muslem is evil and evil is good they always call white black and u still see coming out under pretence to tell us that islam is religion of peace and tomorrow the same people will kill in the name of islam what a cofused religion.God have mercy for nigerian.