Abducted Girls: First Lady Breaks Down In Tears, Tells Women To Stop Protests Over Borno Gov’s Wife Insensitivity

First LadyNigeria’s First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, has said plans to make her a widow, in apparent reference to the pressure brought to bear on her husband, President Goodluck Jonathan, following the spate of killings in the country and abduction of over 200 schoolgirls in Borno State, will not work.

She spoke at the Presidential Villa in Abuja during another meeting she convened yesterday over the abduction of the female students of Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State.

Frustrated by the continued absence of the wife of Borno governor, Hajiya Nana Kashim Shettima from her meetings, convened to help find the abducted girls, Mrs. Jonathan urged all Nigeria women to stop protesting since the Borno First Lady was showing a lack of concern over the issue.

She particularly warned that should the women not heed her advice not to demonstrate, they would have themselves to blame should anything happen to them during the protests.

Present at the meeting were wives of the governors of Nasarawa, Zamfara, Kaduna, Katsina, Kogi, Gombe, Benue, Abia and Akwa Ibom States.

Others were the Borno State Commissioner of Police, Commissioner for Women Affairs, the principal of Chibok Government Secondary School, the chairman of Chibok Local Government Area, the divisional police officer in the area and the troops on duty when the girls were abducted.

Mrs Jonathan, who suddenly burst into tears, said repeatedly “God is watching o”.

Gathering herself together, the First Lady noted that she could no longer weep more than the bereaved, saying that Gov. Shettima’s wife should be the more concerned.

“Before all these killings, I called and told the first lady of Borno State to let us come together. She answered me yes, but when the kidnap happened, I called her, she did not answer me. I invited her, she did not turn up even up till today. No woman will fold her arms when her house is on fire. Today my house is on fire.

“Before last Friday, I called her and she promised to attend the Friday’s meeting here. But to our greatest surprise, she sent her commissioner for women affairs. Also today, she sent her commissioner for women affairs. She is the mother of Borno State. She is the first mother of these missing girls. I am their grandmother. She is not coming out. All Nigerian women are calling her. If she is not concerned and she says she doesn’t want her people to be safe, then it is left to her. If you tell us you are not crying, why should I cry more than the bereaved? If I cry more than the bereaved, the world would ask me a question.

“If after today, Borno women say we should not help them, then Nigerian women, don’t demonstrate again. If you demonstrate and police do you anything, you are on your won. Borno women are playing game. Nigerian women should not go out for demonstration. Don’t use school children for demonstration again. Borno women are not ready for cooperation”, she said.

Mrs Jonathan, who insisted that the whereabouts of the abducted girls must be known, said she cried yesterday during church service over the spate of killings in the country.

Challenging all those at the meeting to tell the truth about the girls’ abduction, the First Lady decried the politicization of the whole saga.

“People are dying. How can you play politics when you see your fellow human beings dying? Nigerian women, I beg you to support me. Why will we join our husbands to kill others? We want the killings to stop. If we don’t get to know the whereabouts of our daughters, the next thing is they (Boko Haram) will get to us. I am not accusing anybody. My own is let us stop killings and kidnapping. Let us say a stop to these”, she said.

The First Lady added: “As a person, I really want these killings to stop. We may be the next people to be kidnapped if we let things pass by like this. We should not fold our hands and let things happen like this.

“Our sisters in the North, we are one country and we are sisters. We are not accusing you; we do not mean any harm and we are not quarrelling with anybody; we just want to stop all these killings.”

“We don’t wear bullet proof, we don’t know who they have already targeted. I’m not exempting myself or my husband. If I’m found guilty, let me go. Whoever is behind this, let us go politely to him and ask him to let all these stop.

“If it is the Constitution that is causing this, let us go to the National Assembly and beg them to amend whatever it is.”

“When something happened, let us all find solution. Look at the way the matter was brought up. The country would have gone on fire. You are making it look as if the President abducted the children”, she said.

The First Lady broke down and wept the second time towards the end of the meeting saying: “You want to kill my husband; you want to make me a widow before you go and rest. My God will never make me a widow”.


  1. Lex and dan mumu u guys are d biggest fools I’ve encountered so far. Hear u talk like idiots. Shld d problem of security not 4 all? Is it only 4 d president and his wife?. Mayb u shld expect d president 2 cum guide ur house while u keep ur doors open and sleep. Every nigerian is concerned, a meeting is called by 1st lady to all state governor’s wives and yet d wife of borno state gov hav not attended d meeting whereas is her state on fire. U refuse to conderm her and instead na GEJ and wife u’ll conderm. Both of u will neva seize 2 amuse me and u’ve proven dat both of u are born stark fools and Bastards. Ndi ArA

  2. Some of u sometimes speak from ur anus, we know who u r, so we r not surprise at all. She mrs Jonathan is concerned as a mother nd boko haram madam, borno state first lady is thr enjoying herself only mounting pressure on other women to protest nd u don’t see any thing wrong in dat! I’m ashame of u two, JIGAW Nd LEX, u r indeed members of d blood surking demons boko haram. I hv always said it, for peace to reign all over d world ISLAM shud be eradicated. ISLAM is d children of Abraham’s rejected son ishimael. Alah is a demon frm hell. Keep on destroying ur state nd ppln one day ur grand children ll ask u questions. Plz be also reminded dat no amount of pressure frm d north can unseat Mr president or make him not to contest nd win again!

  3. Just bringbackourgirls…if it were U̶̲̥̅̊я̲̅ daughter(s)something would have been done….Stop fakin dem tears n do something pls…May the lord protect them where ever they are…

  4. I have lately adviced the president to take some drastic actions over this ghost students abducted issue. Don’t let them fool you mr president as they are fooling the masses. With evidence of the first lady of nigeria Mrs Dame Jonathan inviting first lady of borno state governors wife and she feels reluctant to honor any of these these getogether and share some idea on what step to take to set the students free,she even as well feel reluctant to pick up mrs Jonathan’s wife call to atleast show her care over the situation. sympatize and console the families of the victims,this means she is up to some thing,this means she has automatically finger pointed out herself as a number one prime suspect to the crime(abduction).probably she is at the venue of the abducted students as a chief commander and supervisor over their day to day awareness that she mean business to disorganise n cause unrest to the entire nation. In this case mr and mrs president Jonathan have no blame if they will take to my advice and issue an urgent arrest warrant to the SSS over the suspected Borno state first lady to be brought to the court of law to testify what she knows over this issue of the abducted girls that is causing caos and tearing the country apart with out her no conscience to exhibit. She stays afar off laughing at you all, knowing well no one will point her as a suspect because she is the first lady of borno state. Mr and mrs president Jonathan,if u are so scared like a virgin pussy,refussing to act, then every one will look down on you as incompetent to be a leader. Note this “NO ONE IS. ABOVE THE LAW”bring to justice for confession. You can recall how great president Bill Clinton of the United State of America was impeached and he did honor his call to justice. Then who is this urgly and stupid fisrt lady of borno state taking herself to be before over 160 million nigerians? Rubish. Probably she’s an agent to the satanic devils who want to stir up war to divide nigeria in 4 pieces,then she is a looser. Kindly bring her to justice. Is she bigger,stronger or tougher or more important than Sanussi who honored a call to justice?

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  7. Some of u don’t know dat security is everybody’s business,y did borno’s first lady showed up in d meeting,bcos they are of diff party,dety politicians,playing prams wit ppl’s life,madam jonah keep it up,if borno first lady’s son is among dem.am sure she wld hv been in dat meeting

  8. pete1 don condenm a religion bcus of d people..dere are muslims who are pure hearted..We all serve desame God….am a christian nd i go to RCCG but out dere are also christians who carry guns to steal…nd moreover bokoharam is no way operating under religion as it deals with muslims and christian… @jigawa d fact is right now at dis trial times we Nigerians have to come together as one, see to d affair of things nd also b our brothers keeper…d kidnapping of dis gals nd dere freedom is in d hands of all mothers nd ny other persons..even if one of the mothers of the gals calls a meeting of d first ladies nd others, it shuld b honored bcus it is her children who are involved…xo i see no reason y d borno first lady shuld not show up not even once or pick up d calls….dont let us forget dis slogan DIVIDED WE FALL UNITED WE STAND….LONG LIVE NIGERIA and IT PEOPLE

  9. Borno state first lady she is the one who abdulted those school girls,let me tell her something,she have to free those innocent girls before GOD will give u purnishement that u look 4 soluction there will be no way confess and reapent.