Abducted Girls: Stop Your Distracting, Absurd and Overbearing Show – APC Tells First Lady

First Lady CriesThe All Progressives Congress (APC) has described the melodramatic intervention of the first lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, in the abduction of over 200 school girls as distracting, counter-productive and calibrated to make a scapegoat of others with the sole intention of exculpating her husband rather than finding the girls.

“Make no mistake about it, there is nothing wrong in the First Lady, as a woman and the mother of the nation, playing a role in resolving the unfortunate abduction of the girls, but that role must be within the realms of social activism, not in policy making or conduct of state affairs”, APC said in a statement issued in Lagos on Tuesday by its interim national publicity secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed.

Mrs. Jonathan had on Sunday broke down in tears during a meeting with stakeholders at the presidential villa on how to assist in the search for the abducted girls. Earlier, on Friday night, she had vowed to personally lead a protest of Nigerian women to Borno State, if the state governor, Alhaji Kashim Shettima does not locate and rescue the girls within three days. That ultimatum has since expired.

However, APC warned that the melodrama, highlighted by the shedding of “made-for-television crocodile tears, cannot and will not bring the girls back safely to their parents”.

“What will bring them back is a purposeful and sustained effort by the federal government, which has hitherto been tentative and lethargic. Therefore, enough of the distracting, absurd and overbearing show that the first lady has put up in the past few days”, APC said.

The opposition party advised the first lady to stop grandstanding and to get real by leading a protest of other first ladies from all the 36 states of the federation from the Eagle Square to Aso Rock to pressure her husband, President Goodluck Jonathan, on whose laps falls the responsibility of leading the nation, to find the girls, to act fast.

It also urged her to stop apportioning blames at this time so that all efforts can be geared towards finding the girls.

“Our dear first lady needs to be told clearly that her husband, the president, is the nation’s chief security officer. Our dear first lady needs to be informed that because Borno State, where the unfortunate abduction took place, is under a state of emergency, her husband, the president, has automatically assumed all security powers”.

“It is therefore wrong for our dear first lady to be threatening to march on Borno to ask the governor to produce the girls. That march should be to Aso Rock instead”, APC said.


  1. Dis Lai mohammed does not have serious tins to do,than to reply even when some one cough,all APC state are nothin but frauster government,which he know,PDP may not be a good party but APC is nt a better options.

  2. God wil disgrace u guys all d APC members, u r boko haram sponsors, why shud u blame critizie her? A tree cn nt mak a forest, Jonathan cn nt go there 2 fight 4 d girls rada d military agency, he has provided all dey need? Wt else do u guy want. This not time 2 talk abt party, life matters here, i knw u guys r idiots. Feel lyk killin all d APc members, u r sponsorin boko haram bcos u wan 2 ruin Jonathan tenure, bt rememba dis is out of politics…bunch of fools. Tnk God non of ma siblins of relations r kill cos i would have go 2 india n equip ma self n com bak n kill u guys there esp. Atiku, babangide, buari n all d northern leaders…idiot, crazy foolssss..

  3. Dat patience is a fool.she cried on camera not 4 d missing of dos girls,but bcos she doesnt want her to be a widow just in case her husband jonathan dies of heart-attack.she wouldnt like to go into Oblivion like her erstwhile Boss.Tura-Yar’Adua.God pass u(pateince)and ur husband jonathan,una must leave pawa come-2015.


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