Benefits of using instant payment

Ever since the inception of the cashless policy in Nigeria, many people are yet to see any reason why they should switch to this method of doing easy day to day banking operations. For some it is due to lack of awareness and for others it’s probably because they do not know the benefits they stand to get simply by adapting their daily lifestyle to this new and easy way.
Like the name depicts, it takes place instantly, on the spot, the receiver gets funds immediately without having to input any form of effort. The receiver can also withdraw immediately and doesn’t have to wait for his/her account to be credited with funds.
An instant transfer can be done at any time of the day irrespective of what day of the week it is. All you need is a working internet connection; your recipient’s banking details and an online banking login from your bank. With this you can send and receive money from anybody no matter what day of the week it is.
Instant transfer transaction can be done from anywhere; your bank branch, your mobile devices or even the desktop computer in your office. Instant transfer takes away the stress of having to walk to the bank each time you need to do a transaction. It basically puts your bank account at your fingertips.
These and many more are the reasons why everyone needs to switch to using the easier way of sending and receiving money which is instant transfer.

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