Boko Haram: CAN Calls For Removal Of North East Governors

The northern chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), which comprises 19 states in the region have called on the Federal Government to declare a total state of emergency in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states which will see the civilian governors, Murtala Nyako, Kassim Shettima and Ibrahim Geidam replaced with military administrators. This the group said would go a long way in restoring lasting peace to the states.

CAN made the call through its Executive Secretary, Professor Daniel Babayi, who on Friday remarked that the governors should be replaced if the current strategy of having them retain their seats despite a state of emergency is not working.

“If the half state of emergency thing is not working because the governors are still in place and they are still the chief security officers of the affected states, the Federal Government should remove all of them and put military officers there so that when we succeed in the whole thing, the governors should be reinstated back to their seats,” said Babayi at the inauguration of the newly-elected executives of the Niger State chapter of the association and the inauguration of a newly-constructed administrative block by the state chapter of CAN.

President Goodluck Jonathan had on May 14, 2013 declared a state of emergency on the three northern states following brazen attack by terrorists which has claimed thousands of lives.

Jonathan had vowed at the time not to employ the kind of measure former President Olusegun Obasanjo invoked twice during his tenure, in 2004 and 2006, when he removed democratically elected governors and installed appointed administrators, both former military officers, to manage the states, a move that seemed to have worked out fine.

Nigeria is rife with opinions on the state of emergency, one of which says that not carrying out a full state of emergency in the affected states may be one of the reasons why the fight against the Boko Haram has not been won as the military;s work in the area was still subject to the democratic leaders.


  1. u people are troubles makers,una no go school ne or una no dey here grammar all those things una dey speak no dey for constitution.if u want state of emergency let military take over all the country, so that peace will reghn. who started this bombing bombing in this country, the answer is mr jona and his team in 2010 during independent day at eagle square we have d record and last two months mr jona went to campaign at niger state he revealed that all those things happen in this 3 state becouse is not under PDP control. so why una no go investigate mr jona about those things when dey happen.

  2. CAN is gradually revealling itself about the allegation that CAN in the North is responsible for the security insurgency in the North under the supervision of Goodluck Jonathan. CAN is really browsing for trouble that it cannot withstand. Who is Boko Haram? What happened to late Andrew Azazi when he spoke about it? Where was CAN when people were languishing under the communal crises in Plateau and Benue states? Did it call for the total emergency in those states? Who is the charge of operational use of armed forces in Nigeria? Is it the governors or the president? The whole country should be declared as a state of emergency if that is what demonic, barbaric, sentimental and religious intolerant CAN wants. Almighty Allah will reveal your evil plots and disgrace all of you who are secretly behind the security insurgency in Northern part of Nigeria insha Allah. The muslims in the South cooperate with their christians leaders while you christians in the North are planting malicious seed that will consume you in a short distance time insha Allah. Where is Pharoh and other evil plotters today? CAN in the North does not have any iota of religious characteristic rather than political and economic taste.


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