Boko Haram Leader Releases New Video Revealing Abducted Girls

The head of the Boko Haram insurgents — Abubakar Shekau shocked the world this morning when he released another video that shows the girls in Muslim headdresses reciting Quran in a loud voice and declaring they have been converted into Islam.
Shekau also made it clear in the video that, he will be willing to exchange the schoolgirls for Boko Haram prisoners.
“Praise be to Allah, the lord of the world,” the girls whom a chunk of them are Christians chanted in the video. Will post the new video as soon as it gets online.


  1. i’m a muslim and i must say that this is wrong. All christians should not hate us because of boko haram please, they are not muslim and will never be. They work for the devil and use islam as a disguise for their unholy deeds… We love christians because we serve the same God, we are one and can never be separated…

  2. God Will Help Us To Track All The Euil People Behind Dis Act Bcos I Believe Dat Dey Are Being Sponsor By All Top And Corrupt Politician

  3. Boko haram is not part of islam and all of dem are nt muslims they are just there to spoil the image of islam bt they are not muslims nd will never be muslims and also from the pix I saw that were old people not young girls that they said so my words I want 2 say is that govt are the boko haram

  4. The reason why we find it difficult with boko haram is because people in the govt even the soldiers are boko haram, they set the army up each time they are to commence operation against , the only solution is to expose those sponturing them even their members from the top. Our soldiers are dying becouse of set up. I don’t know the kind of Muslim we have in this country, I wonder if this boko haram pple are real Muslim becouse even Saudi Arabia is so peaceful , evil doers I want you to know that God will deal with you soon.


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