Boko Haram Sends Letter, Threatens To Abduct Boys In Benue School

Principal of Government College, Makurdi, Mr Godfrey Ugudu, on Saturday said that the school has received letters from Islamist sect group, Boko Haram, threatening to attack the school.

Ugudu, announced this at a news conference in Makurdi on Saturday. He said that the school received two letters which had the same content on May 14.

“It is true that we saw two letters informing us of the intention of the sect to invade our school on Friday or Monday by Boko Haram. The letters were dated May 14, 2014, stating that they were coming either of the two days to abduct our boys whom they would marry to the secondary school girls abducted in Chibok.

“In the letter, we were asked to inform the Mount Saint Gabriel Secondary School opposite us to also get prepared as they promised to invade the place too.

Speaking further the Principal said, “we immediately alerted the police and the Commissioner for Education. A report has been made to the Governor on the issue.

“The two letters, which were written in pidgin English, were sighted inside one of the classrooms and the second one was slipped into the staff room,” he said.

Ugudu commended the government and security operatives in the state for their prompt response to the issue, saying everything had been done to ensure the safety of the school children, adding that he had informed the Principal of Mount Saint Gabriel.

Both schools have boarding facilities, with about 500-700 said to be resident in the Government College, while Mount Saint Gabriel is purely boarding school.

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Dan Ezeala, confirmed the report and assured that police were on top of the situation.


  1. Nigerian army shuold be capable of firting boko haram.where is the prestiges of nigerian armies??????this is the time we have to defend our country and stop depending on forign suport,president Jonathan should provide more than a nough weapons to defeate this nonses boko haram in not Les than a week all the needs of the nigerian army should be provided including money etc.our president must defend this chalange and resque our girls.start deportion for anyone that that does not have the parmit to stay in nigeria.air movement and monitors in every state.every election or raly should stop shot aside 4any suspect now is enough of boko baram.I wish president Jonathan will read this letter I will be happy.

  2. Its so obvious that they have some internal representative either from the teacher, students, securities or other any member of the school who is working closely with those satanic Boko Haram.


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