Breaking News: Another Bomb Blast Hits Abuja

Just two weeks after a bomb blast in Nyanya, Abuja killed over 70 commuters at the motor park, another bomb blast has occurred today opposite the Nyanya Motor Park, Abuja.

According to unconfirmed sources, four persons were killed in the blast, while six were injured.

It was learnt that the bomb blast followed a the same pattern of the April 14 attack as it was detonated in a car.

Sources say officials of the National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA) who were at the scene have evacuated the injured persons.

Other sources said 16 corpses have been counted at the Emergency Ward of the Asokoro Hospital, as more corpses were said to be ferried to the hospital.


  1. Why? all this things are happening two us and our country? God come and help us by ur hands and power we can’t do it by salf, we need u now. Pls God.

  2. Why should u ctinu to call on God t help us when He has already helped us? If the president dos’nt want to arest nd kill the enamies of this contry, the enemies shall 1day smash him or his family.For he knows these bloody spilters.

  3. The thing is that we re not use to this kind of thing but it is a global phenomena,let us accept the fact that it has come to us and try to manage and live with it.-something must kill a man .

  4. Let tell surveyors about this so that we can trace this people and hunt them down surveyors can do that using the satellite give surveyors a say in this matter ok


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