#BringBackourGirls: I Would Rather My Daughter Died Than Convert To Islam – Parents React To Video

After Boko Haram yesterday released a 17 minute long video of the kidnapped girls, Parents and guardians have reacted to video, While some feared for the safety of their kids, other said that the new video gives them new hope that the girls are still alive and can be rescued.


Boko Haram Leader Abubakar Shekau had claimed in the video that majority of the girls have converted to islam and the ones who have not converted can be exchanged for their members detained in various prisons.

One of the abducted girls parent, Mallam Awana Babagana said :“I have seen the video but I couldn’t identify my daughter. I hope they are the ones, we will keep on praying until they are released.”

However another unnamed parent said he watched the video but couldn’t identify any of his missing daughters, he raised questions concerning the validity of the video.

Another parent who talked to Telegraph of London said that he will rather have his daughter perish than change religion, He said: “I have not yet seen the video, but I am not really interested in what Boko Haram’s demands are,”.  “My daughter is a Christian, she will never change. I would rather she died as a Christian than convert to Islam.”

“I don’t want a prisoner exchange either; our daughters are not prisoners, and they should not be exchanged for anyone,” he said. “Let the government try to rescue them. If they have a prisoner exchange, that will look like the government is giving in to Boko Haram, and it will just encourage them to take more hostages.

Another parent Lawan Zannah while speaking to Vanguard journalists on phone, said he could not watch the video but is relieved that his angel might be alive, He said: “I have not watched it, but I hope they are the ones. It gladdened my heart when I heard that they showed the video on BBC, that means they are still alive. I call on the Federal Government to do everything possible to secure their release.

We also call on you and other Nigerians to join us in praying for the safe release of our daughters”, Zannah stated.

However a Maiduguri resident Alhaji Hassan Ibrahim has doubts over the video saying some girls in the video look overage.

Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima had yesterday ordered for mass production of the film so as to enable parents identify their wards and ease concerns of if the kids where still alive.

The video showed over 100 girls dressed in  black and grey full-length hijabs and reciting the first chapter of the Koran, then three of the girls where interviewed. Two revealed they had been Christians but have now converted .

Shekau later appeared but he did not once appear in the same shot with the girls, He spoke in Hausa and Arabic and further revealed that the girls have now converted , He also made his demand for exchange of Boko Haram prisoners for the girls who have not converted

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  • Who are this boko haram of a thing,to my own understanding/thinking the government knows something about them,cause I don’t what our president is doing,instead of him taking action over boko haram, ha says something else rather just know one thing GOD is available.

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