Check Out Photo Of Girl Who Slept With Her Boyfriend’s Best Friend In Warri

A lady in Warri, Delta State, names witheld was exposed by her boyfriends’ friend after sleeping with her.

The guy, who pictured her after sleeping with her shared the pics to expose the act.

Warning: Photos Contains nudity

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  1. She is nt a marred woman,so what did u gain 4positing this?u are to blame cus u no girls hv ligt brian.maybe some one ll do this to ur girl just watch out.

  2. What did u gain from dis pics u are showing d world…u no get head o..mumu, girl sleep wit u, no be u talk am to bed..she just come meet you inside room….no worry D boyfrd go hail u Mugu…

  3. i honestly think she is ur gf.even if she had sex with you and so wat?am disappointed dat a man can do this.tnk God u didn’t say she raped u.always remember dat dis gal wil never forgive u,becareful who hurt or they might spend their entire life hurting u.hope ur are happy after posting dis pics?

  4. Lolz,maybe the babe don fall his hand plenty times he’s just been surprised doing such a fine chick (in his mind) life has not end,mr karma will visit u somehow.

  5. Frankly speaking u that exposed this picture u are very big fool.if u know that is bad why must u go to her?she is not the one u expose but urself

  6. A guy who know this is a girlfriend of his friend and sex her, before come out and say it to public hering n seing is a big ANIMAL. Thisgirl, visit him in d name of friend to her boyfriend, he drug her drink in d name of intertaiment, wen she sleeped on his bed he now sex her. just look at the face of d girl she look sleepy, drunk n worried. cos she has understarnd wrong thing has happen. (pls help this girl to cal on 07052226422)

  7. paul luk at d curtain and d tiles. doe dy weren’t taken on d same day cos her hair. i pity d poor gal and woe onto d guy. and seriously i dnt knw wat fun dis is for d guy dat did dis. maybe wen d repercussion sets in u wil start luking for dat old woman u wil cal a witch. jst beware and gals plz toughen up

  8. U have a great award from me. U ar nau d biggest MUMU of d year pls keep it up because if am d brother to ur GF I will tell her she is dating an animal and not a human being. Were ever u see human beings pls animal don’t stay there bcus u don’t deserve 2 be wt human tank u. Mr mugu

  9. This is absolute rubbish, this guy is a fool, lunatic and not mature.I wish his friend will have his head off fool

  10. The boy that posted these pixs must be mad. U must receive ur punishment. U think u can ruin her life, it’s urs that’s being destroyed? Idiot.

  11. u guy u ar an idiot person been do such tinz 2 ur neigbuorin girlfrens. let take for isstance dat girlboyfren is a shoilder, wat ar goin to do? inbessid

    idiot fellow dog

  12. Pls…dis is nt d kind of stuff we need here…young man u can go ahead n sleep wit hundreds of pples girl frnds,or ur sisters or even ur mum if u pls keep it to urself..we dnt need knw abt it..we dnt need it Maga..

  13. That girl looked raped,the guy shuld be jailed,in her eyes you can see the pain and shame. .God will judge this guy. .unless they are fooling the readers

  14. The guy who posted dis is a bastard and it shall never be well with you…..your parents shall mourn You……..and girlfriend I blame you 4 dis stinking shit…..

  15. U only pictured a new paint nd d 2 pixs ar nt dsame day (2) u ar a betrayal nd tank god she has a lovly skin bt guy except u ar nut born of a woman, no woman wil eva lv u, pains, shame, failur nd bad furtune shal neva seez 4rm ur life. Idiot

  16. This guy is just a bastard son,how can u do this,u fucked ur friend’s gf n post it on d net to castigate her…believe me,one day ur sisters ‘ll ve their own naked pix like this..mumu

  17. Guy u wud end up loss wat is precius to u, bcus dis girl u hurt toady might decide to ruin ur life in a big time, destroy u and ur wife, even ur kids, revenge might make u loss ur life.Beware mumu boy, just bcus of 5minute enjoymnt.

  18. U think u can fool people these pics are the very best of fake coz they are not real. The first px enlightens the fact that they are fake. Give us stories with captivating contents not fucked up broadcasts.

  19. Sometimes when I see people in a very bad and pitiable condition I don’t pity them cos there condition maybe as a result of their wicked acts in the past…just 2 words for ds guy that posted ds pics “God is watching our every move and if that girl happens to be Ur sister how’ll U feel ?”.

  20. Guy u be fool,remember u ave a sister n a mother,u ave even cursed ur future….nd even d person dat post n broadcast dis rublish fire await u…..u can’t destroys dis girls future or name,u distroy ur own…biggest mugu eva liveth

  21. Women are capable of anything,n u never know with them, even married women do too, so no one should ever take them serious, unless she is ur wife. So i dont advice any young man to express anger over such things coz no man owns any girl.

  22. Men dude trust me ur a big rilly beat my imagintion hw duLl u r,in ur mind u 1 enta news abi.nigg go get a life.wt wr u tinkin,u 1nt 2 probably soil d chiks name dou we knw d girl is a cheap slut hu sleeps wif his bf’s bestfrnd 4 heavens sake.u both shuld b sentence 2 jail buh d dude shld spend mr time der.

  23. who says it’s fake?how?I know Photoshop very well, there is nothing to fake here. the hair is same, the dress looks like it’s same day but the 4th pic could be another place in the same house (see the quality of the pic)

    Well, sorry to the girl. I pity her unborn kids.

  24. This guy most be a stupid guy, because if it was her sister he
    Will not do dat, but I pray that God will disgrace u one day if u believer me follow me and shut amen.

  25. you are am animal and the real fool for doing this. why will u even think of sleeping with her even if she lured u to it know that she is your friend’s boo? people like u can kill and you are not worthy to be anybody’s friend bcus u dont deserve it. maybe the world will congratulate u. Devil

  26. Beloveth, are u still in sin? This is what sin coul leads to; life of shame, disgrace, himuliation and death. But ask urself, if she had been killed by this wicked boyfriend’s friend of her’s. where would she have gone to, HELL FIRE or HEAVEN? The wages of sins is death(Romans 6:23). Repent from all ur sins and accept JESUS CHRIST as ur Lord and Saviour He is waiting to receive u right now. Accept JESUS and make HEAVEN. May u be bless as u do so in JESUS name, Amen.

  27. u r even bold 2say u slept wit ur friend’s gf.. How stupid n foolish of u. It’s guys of ur type dat stil chase around married women n r evn capable of rape. Law of Karma will definitely hunt u. If nt nw, sometime in d near future. Animal in Human form. Rubbish

  28. have u seen how u cursed urself forever .people’s mouth is God’s mouth.just count how many curses u have received because of mere carelessness and stupidity . no matter your age ,one has to be careful on what ever u do to avoid attracting unpardonable curses and sufferings upon urself . now look at what all the commentators said and the amount of curses they have heaped on u alone .man just go and see for God’s forgiveness and publicly apologize so that people’s burning anger will reduce if not ,watch and see…

  29. Hmmm, this guy na wa for you o! You don shit for church. The did is done anyway, i just wish for you that this girl forgives you.

    To my fellow guys, please do not follow in this guys footprints.

  30. God Almighty would punish u 4dis act, u cal urself a guy nd did dis to dis young lady after slept wit her u hav.d mind 2exposed her secret remembr u are in a woman wonb for 9 gudmonth bf u came 2dis world can u prove it 2d whole world dat u are nt a BASTARD child prove it if you know ur Biologycal father bcos it’s only bastard behave d way u do the HOLY BIBLE says by there Fruit u shal know them You are a DISGRACE to ur fello men..AWON BABA WA SO WIPE ILE TI E BARI TI O’TO WON NIPE OMO ALE I BE NI KO TI DAGBA..frm now on your life would be misrable you shal never know peace again failure shame, tears,sorrow,afflictions,suden dealth shal be ur portion frm now on so it shal be..foolish man…BASTARD


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